Sunday, 26 May 2013

Month of May

Oh it's been ages since I last posted: I'm getting really rubbish at this blog malarkey aren't I? And I used to be so good!

Well this month I have performed at a private party for a lovely lady - I got to sing in a gorgeous venue with a stellar cast and a free champagne and cocktail bar (perfect!)

The Cabaret Marquee

Singing: I think this was 'Son of a Preacher Man'... maybe...

It was such an honour to perform alongside a completely wonderful cast, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

The following week I was back with The Burlesque Show in Weston-Super-Mare: I didn't get many pictures, but the show was fantastic and the audience were wonderful and welcoming.

Signed performer photos adorning the walls of the Green Room

This weekend I performed for the first time at the gorgeous Privee in Knightsbridge, where I entertained the audience with a couple of cheeky songs. It is a beautiful venue and I was made to feel so welcome - hopefully my first visit of many!
Then on Saturday I headed up to Birmingham for one of my favourite little shows, Dr. Sketchy's: I went prepared this time with paper and drawing materials to do some sketching (as the name implies!) and had a lovely time, especially since Frankie Lynn was both performing and exhibiting wares from her Emporium, and I haven't seen this beautiful lady for far too long!

With Frankie Lynn

The Victoria in Birmingham is filled with weird and wonderful pieces of art like this

My doodles of the day: Frankie Lynn and Mysti Vine

In other news: several months ago I had a photoshoot for The Noise Next Door, and this is the finished result!

The Noise Next Door poster

The poster is for their Edinburgh Fringe show and it promises to be a fabulous one, so if you are planning on popping up to the Fringe this year, make time to go and see it!

And finally: this happened:

Back to Brunette

I've back to my natural brunette! This was for a variety of reasons: the upkeep on blonde was a nightmare - I'd only ever get about a week of it looking lush before prickles of roots began to come through and I'd have to endure several weeks of looking like a badger before I could redo them. Also, the bleach was ruining my hair - when I began dying it blonde my hair was around shoulder length and over the last year I've had to go shorter and shorter as the dye made my hair brittle and breakable.

I will admit I do miss being blonde - it took me so long to get it to the colour I wanted it, and I had planned to keep it that way for as long as possible, but this way, hopefully, I'll be able to let it grow and get healthy again.

And here's what I was up to this time last year: fun fun!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Love, Lust, Life and Learning

Yes, I've been particularly lax at posting again. I'm not going to lie and say I've been that busy, but I have been occupied with other, 'real life' concerns that have left me unable and unwilling to post a lot.

On the performance side, I've had a couple of lovely shows in the last few weeks: one of my favourite regular shows is High Tease in Bath at the Komedia - the audiences are always lovely and I have a blast whenever I'm there.

One of the best parts about the Bath shows is getting to hang out with everyone after the show and eat burgers from the amazing burger shop next to the Komedia!

The following week I performed at a couple of hen parties for the company Burlesque Baby - the girls were lovely and appreciative, and I always enjoy working for the company as they look after their performers so well.

Mirror Pictures!

After dashing around Soho and Covent Garden all afternoon I took myself off to Volupte Lounge for a double show with the gorgeous Tempest Rose and House of Burlesque.

The show was inspired by the very first show I did with the company, Circus Burlesque, which was based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Each show in this run is inspired by one of the sins and the opposite virtue, so I performed Lust (obviously!) and Chastity, depicted with my rarely seen, non-striptease serpentine dance.

Mirror Picture! With Gwendoline L'Amour, Tommaso, Dolly Rose, Tempest Rose and Betty Blushes!

I adore the girls in the show, and it was especially lovely to meet the gorgeous Gwendoline L'Amour at last - she is one of the pioneers of the modern burlesque scene in London and the UK and she was an absolute delight to chat to between shows.

This weekend I have a private party to head to where I'll be singing a few songs for a birthday girl alongside a stellar line-up!