Sunday, 16 February 2014

Back to Life

Back to life... back to (what passes for) reality!

This week began with some much needed relaxation time and I had a lovely couple of days not really doing a hell of a lot, just relaxing on the sofa, watching movies and catching up on missed sleep. I've been on a mission to reclaim my flexibility and I've been stretching every night for the last couple of weeks - I've already just about got my right leg splits back, and I'm working on the left. I've never been able to do box splits because of my stupid hips, but I'm glad to see that the flexibility I had in college hasn't gone too far!

On Wednesday evening I joined the fabulous Miss Danni Dee at Freedom in Soho as the guest of the The Danni Dee show. It was great fun, with a hugely enthusiastic audience, and Taz came along with Jess from Burlesque on Ice to cheer me along, which was lovely!

Montage from Jess!

Mirror Picture! With Miss Danni Dee!

At the weekend I was back with the House of Magic family for a Bloody Valentines themed show - I was singing before the main show and covered myself in blood from a heart I pulled out of my chest!

My Bloody Valentine!

I love working at the House of Magic - it's a glorious, bonkers, lovely place to be and it's so far from anything I've ever done that I can't help but adore every moment!

Selfie! With Beulah Bell!

And that's about all for this week - I have a couple of exciting plans coming up for the week ahead, and hoping that shortly some plans I put in motion a few weeks ago will finally reap rewards, but that's all in the future, and for now I'm going to curl up and attempt to fight off this imminent cold with lashings of Beechams and ibuprofen!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Burlesque On Ice - Over and Out!

And that's all, folks! Burlesque On Ice has opened and closed to rave reviews and standing ovations, and it was a busy, brilliant and bonkers week!

Hollie Deller with the show poster at Shepherd's Bush Tube

There's been so much going on that I can't possibly remember it all - so instead I'm just going to share lots and lots of photos! So enjoy!! (Oh, and fair warning, it gets a bit gushy at the end so feel free to stop reading at the end of the pictures!)

Bush Hall - our home for the week

Tech Day: Hollie on the ice, Joe Morose on the stage

Looking beautiful, pre-show

With my Grandma and Mum, who came on the opening night

Show snaps - thank you audience!

Pro Girls! Sarah Christou, Jessica Ashby, Hollie Deller, Rosie Van Someran and Kerri-Ann Thomas!

Cabaret Girls! Jasz Vegas, Bonnie Fleur, Hollie Deller, Trixie Kixx and Ruby Deshabille!

Gwendoline Lamour and Glorian Gray

As Dee-ettes and Gwen's Girls!

Mirror Picture! With Jasz, Glorian Gray, Ruby, Rosie, Hollie, Jess and Trixie!

Mirror Picture! With Ruby, Jasz, Bonnie and Trixie!



Finale Wheel - I'm going to miss this!




More show snaps!



Backstage and post-show pub


Even more show snaps!


Backstage elegance

Sunday Brunch - Cheers!

And that is that - it's been such a wild journey from way back in June last year; I've been lucky enough to learn a new skill, perform in a truly amazing and unique show, make a tonne of gorgeous new friends and get to know some old friends much better.
Yes, there's been ups and downs, but you get that in any walk of life, and maybe it's the rose-tinted specs talking but there have been more highs than lows, and the end result was as spectacular as I always believed it would be.

**This is where you can stop reading if you have a sensitivity to over-sentimentality; it's going to get totes emosh... (yeah I wrote that.)**

Thank you everyone involved!
Sam Jenkins for the opportunity to be in the show and having the brilliant idea in the first place;
Sarah Christou for teaching us all how to skate, being lovely and putting up with us all over the last seven months;
Hollie Deller for her amazing choreography, determination, attitude, and for the wine, pizza, gossip and general awesomeness;
Taz Zebrowski for his incredible lighting and technical wizardry during the show, and the support and patience during the stressful times; 
Joe Morrow, for many, many things, alongside being a little bit mental and wonderful and intelligent as f**k, and one of the best drinking buddies going!; 
Glorian Gray for being supportive and tenacious and completely and utterly dedicated from day one; 
Antonia Lynch for her gorgeous costuming, gorgeous attitude and unending help; 
Cabaret Girlies: Ruby Deshabille for being a little ray of sunshine and one of the most genuinely lovely people ever, Trixie Kixx for being one of the most truly gorgeous women I've ever met, both inside and out, Bonnie Fleur for being a sweetheart and scarily talented performer, and Jasz Vegas for being truly bonkers and fabulous (remember me when you're famous!).
Pro Skater Ladies: Kerri-Ann, Jess and Rosie - frickin' love you ladies! I'm so glad this crazy thing brought you lot into my life! You have all been amazing, wonderful, fun and fabulous;
Gwendoline Lamour for truly being the Fairy Godmother of Burlesque, for inaugurating one of the running jokes of the week (niche!) and being a beautiful, lovely lady through and through;
Vicky Butterfly for her stories, advice, elegance, scissors and chocolate!;
Betsy Rose for the vintage glamour and gorgeousness, and for being a beautiful person.
Danni Dee for the chance to pretend to be a high-kicking showgirl, even if just for five minutes a show, for the laughs and one-liners, and for being fabulous daah-ling!

And thank you everyone for letting me steal your photos off Facebook for the blog (I know I didn't technically *ask* :P ) as my phone was being a pain all week and I hardly had any of my own!