Monday, 23 June 2014

Show-Days, Birthdays, Days Out, Nights Out

It's been an action packed couple of weeks! So here we go...

Quite a few! Can't remember a lot of them though as I've been a bit pants at remembering to take backstage pictures, but I found these pictures on my phone that are obviously from Proud but must be a couple of weeks old - I can't find them further down on my blog so I'm going to add them here with an apology!

Missy Fatale's co-star! ** Mirror Picture! With Ben Brown, Ruby Deshabille, Taz Zebrowski and Joe Morose!

New bird-feeder outside Proud City - I don't know why this amused me so much... I was probably drunk.

Mirror Picture! With Betsy Rose, Coco DuBois, Helen Orford and Mat Ricardo (who looks a bit distracted!)

London in the summer sunshine

I was excited over the weekend to assist Zebrowski Photography on an exciting shoot with the super talented Ben Brown and Jonathan Finch; I can't wait to see the results! Those boys are amazing!

Behind the scenes: Jonathan Finch and Zebrowski Photography

I had a couple of lovely days out with the boy, visiting various places. We spent a beautiful sunny day in Hastings where we visited the castle, a couple of museums, a nature reserve, went on a cable car up a cliff, and had a drink in a smugglers den!

My pictures of Hastings...

And the boy's pictures... yeah, he's a professional!

And we bought *all* the seaside candy!

A few days later, we found a hidden gem so close to our house; Beaver Water World (snigger) is a nature reserve, miniature zoo and exotic animal rescue centre! I got a bit giddy; we saw crocodiles and tortoises and snakes and meerkats and raccoons and lemurs and owls and parrots and... yeah, it was a good day!



There have also been a couple of awesome nights out; first for Amory's leaving do - for those who don't know, Amory was the booker at Proud for a couple of years and since he's moving on to pastures new it was only fitting we sent him off in style!





All the selfies!

Guess the Cabaret Shoes!

I had a couple of accidental nights out at the London Wonderground watching House of Burlesque and Black Cat Cabaret. Accidental because I honestly didn't plan on getting tipsy and going out, but these things happen... and they were fun!

Selfies! With Lolo Brow and Dinah Might! ** With Tempest Rose and Bettie Blush!

Bar selfie! With my partner-in-crime for the evening, Delores Deluxe!

Oh yeah, and it was also my birthday! Wooh! So I celebrated with a group of friends in the best way; eating food and drinking bubbly wine! I got cake from the girls at Dancia International, free pizza and prosecco from the restaurant we went to, and seemed to have a bottomless glass of wine at the bar afterwards! We all ended up at The Coach And Horses in Soho joining in with Mister Meredith at the piano for a good-ol' fashioned knees up, and a wonderful time was had by all - even if I had several messages the next day from various people claiming I'd destroyed them. It's my birthday - I win.

Birthday Cake!

Selfies and photobomb! With Loz Stevenson and Emma Campbell!

Birthday Cards and Roses

Some of my favourite cards - thank you!!

Pink wine and bubbly wine! The best! ** With Ruby Deshabille and Jasz Vegas!





Pictures by Zebrowski Photography - obviously. I was far too squiffy to take pictures.

My favourite present was obviously from the boy - and I designed it myself!


And you know what - I still found time to chill with the cats. It's the little things in life!