Sunday, 10 August 2014

Come Rain Or Shine

Another busy couple of weeks! Being a grown-up in real life is hard! Thankfully I have my lovely Cabaret life to even things out...

A few weeks ago a group of us went to the most amazing little spot - a beach in Surrey! It's a man-made lake with a beach next to it and we spent a beautiful day sunbathing, playing in the lake and drinking champagne and cider. Absolute perfection.

Sun worshippers! ** Sand and Cider

Toasting the Beach while toasting on the beach

I have to admit though, it made the next couple of shows rather difficult as I caught the sun more than I expected to...


However it did lead to the production of one of my favourite ever backstage photos as the team clubbed together to help cover my tan lines using fake tan, foundation, concealer, powder, talc, and whatever else came to hand...

Joe Morose and Chastity Belt *helping*

Shows have been fun and included a couple of private parties alongside the public shows. The problem when I do private events is that I always forget to take pictures, although I did get given cupcakes.

Delicious! I am the sex.

Mirror Pictures! With Leah Debrincat, Adama, Natalie Fish, Taz Zebrowski, Slinky Sparkles and Joe Morose! ** With Coco DuBois, Mat Ricardo, Jolie Papillon, Betsy Rose and Taz Zebrowski!

Selfie! With Ben Brown and Jonathan Finch! ** Mirror Picture! With Ben Brown and Missy Fatale!

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to go to the London Coliseum again to watch two of the best ballet dancers in the world *not* doing ballet! Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev have experimented with contemporary dance in 'Solo For Two' and it was wonderful!

Cutain up and curtain call!

In more banal news, I've been playing with my hair now that it's long enough to actually play with and experimenting with braids. It's fun. 

Two recent hairstyles

And that's that for now - I'm poorly today so I'm off to hide underneath a hoodie, drink tea and watch Disney movies. It's a patented (by me) cure-all for any sort of sickness. And wine. Wine is also good. But I don't have wine so tea will have to do for now.

Hoodie and Tea. It *is* tea. Honest.