Sunday, 27 April 2014

It's Only Rock And Roll But I Like It

I realise, once again, I've been a bit lackadaisical in writing my blog. Sometimes real life just gets in the way and stops me from having fun!

And I have had *much* fun the last couple of weeks!

One of my favourite shows in recent memory was Ruby Deshabille's new rock-cabaret show, held for the first time at Kaff in Brixton, and wonderfully titled 'Rock The Kaff Bar'!!
Alongside Ruby and Joe Morose, we definitely rocked it! And the audience got involved too with hilarious games including 'Brian May The Best Man Win' and 'Oh, Oh, Sweet Child Of Mime'... Brilliantly bonkers! I can't wait for the next one in May!

Mirror Picture! With Joe Morose and Ruby Deshabille!

Ruby On-Stage ** Rocking the Rock - leather and leopard-print!

Backstage with Ruby, Joe and... erm... Slash!

And I loved being back at House of Magic for a brilliant and packed show with the Magic family! It was especially nice to welcome a new addition to the family in the gorgeous shape of Scarlett O'Hora who joined us for the evening as the Mistress of the Whispering Chair.

Mirror Pictures! With Scarlett O'Hora, Stevie Smallwood and Elliot Mason!

 Lovely moments of the last couple of weeks have included afternoon tea with Joe and Ruby, an evening rehearsal/gossip/catch-up with Ivy Paige and Chrys Columbine before the latter jetted off to be a superstar in Dubai, mastering a move in hoop that I couldn't do last week, skating at Alexandra Palace with Hollie Deller, Zebrowski Photography and Ruby Deshabille, chocolate on Easter Sunday, and of course, some chill-out time on my own!

Afternoon tea with Joe!

A lovely gift from Chrys Columbine - Percy is holding on to it until I wear it out! ** Easter Eggs!

Skating at Alexandra Palace with Hollie, Ruby and Rosie Van Someren - camera grab from Zebrowski Photography

Chill-out time with the cat-bags

Monday, 14 April 2014

Singing In The Key of Drunk

Boom! A brilliantly busy week nailed! Photoshoots, shows, hoop... the works. And I still found time to chill out (briefly) with the cats and the boy!

Count the cats! One, Two, Three, Four! Definitely pinned... I am a crazy cabaret cat lady...

So on Tuesday I shot with Zebrowski Photography for Vanity B Corsetry alongside the gorgeous Ruby Deshabille. We were working on some promo images for Antonia's new corset and tassels range and supplemented her glorious creations with some fabulous costume items from Angels on Shaftesbury Avenue. Ruby and I had a fan afternoon dressing up and playing around, and Antonia made us cupcakes!! So good.

Ready for my close-up ** Showgirl detritus...

Sneaky shot of Ruby and I

One of my favourite images from the shoot

Ruby and I with Antonia - the genius behind Vanity B Corsetry!

On Wednesday I was back with the House of Magic family for more magical shenanigans - the crowd were a little reserved but soon warmed up for the show, especially since it was rounded off by the incomparable Lolo Brow blowing everyone away with an incredible striptease act.

Backstage fun-times with Stevie Smallwood and Abby Drake!

On Friday I was fortunate enough to be given a ticket to the London Coliseum to watch the Monte-Carlo Ballet's performance of 'Lac' - the ballet was a re-imagining of Swan Lake and fused classical ballet with modern and contemporary dance. The cast danced their hearts out on stage, completely committing to the unusual but brilliantly realised choreography, and it was captivating! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a live orchestra.

Waiting for the show to start - my favourite moment is when the lights begin to dim and the curtain rises...

Poster for the ballet 

Then it was back to Proud Cabaret on Saturday for another fantastic show with my glorious cabaret reprobates and some of my favourite people: backstage is as fun as the performance! Although I have to say I had one of the greatest moments during 'Shake It Doll' ever... it involved a stag party and a toy cat being thrown onto the stage... filth :P

Mirror Pictures! With Jolie Papillon, Joe Morose, Chrys Columbine, Taz Zebrowski and Helen Orford!


Snaps of 'Shake It Doll' and 'Lust' by Zebrowski Photography

On Sunday I joined Joe Morose and Chastity Belt to watch "Enter Micky Jeronimo", Matthew Floyd Jones' show at the Riverside Studios. Alongside performing his own material he had assembled a fabulous line-up including Kiki Lovechild, The Original Street Dancers, and his partner-in-crime Felicity Fitz-Frisky, among others. It was also lovely to finally meet the gorgeous Vivacity Bliss at long last, and I adored her bonkers Canada act!

Waiting for the show to start...

Pre-show selfie ** In the bar with Kiki and Vivacity!


It all got a little bit hazy... I remember McDonalds and Disney songs...

I also had a couple of hoop classes this week and Zebrowski Photography popped along to have a giggle at my expense and take some pictures - both of which happened.

With the lovely Amanda - putting up with my faffing on the hoop!


Striking some poses!



And some more!

It wouldn't be a hoop class without some injuries!!

And now I'm tired and a little bit hungover, and planning to spend the entire day in my PJ's - well deserved I think!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Running Off To The Circus

Well this has been a lovely week!

I've had two fabulous shows at Proud Cabaret, with a whole host of wonderful people - the audiences were bonkers and brilliant, and, despite bone-shattering tiredness we all smashed it! It was great to meet Polly Hoops at long last - there are some people I perform with regularly and am lucky enough to hang out with all the time, then others that I have never met or only see once in a blue moon so it's great when I get to meet new, amazingly talented folk!

Mirror Picture! With Polly Hoops and Ruby Deshabille!

Mirror Picture! With Jolie Papillon, Polly Hoops, Ruby Deshabille, Mister Meredith and Ben Elder!

Mirror Picture! With Missy Fatale, Joe Morose, Chrys Columbine and Abi Collins!

The beautiful Lili La Scala popped in on Saturday night to say bonjour!

On Saturday afternoon I popped along with a group of friends to the the National Centre for Circus Arts to cheer on Michael Standen in his third-year graduation showcase and was treated to an incredible show including aerial dancers, hand-balancers, jugglers, clowns and a whole variety of sensational performances. I definitely want to run away with the circus now!

Selfie Posing! With Jo Foley, Michael Standen, Ruby Deshabille, Joe Morose and Trixie Kixx!

Along those lines, I'm still loving aerial hoop, even though I definitely injured myself  this week by falling off the hoop. Well, I cracked my toe on the floor. Pathetic, but at least it's a cool way to hurt my foot rather than just stubbing it on a table leg which is the usual way I manage to break things! And it definitely made this weekends shows more interesting trying to choreograph around a hobble!


And that's that for this week - I have another fabulous week ahead filled with friends, relaxation, shows and shoots, so I'm off to bed in preparation: Night All!