Sunday, 22 September 2013

That Was The Week That Was

Well, that was a brilliantly busy, packed and fabulous week! So, I'll get right on it!

On Monday I was celebrating Taz's birthday after a lazy day and a bit of shopping in Camden Stables Market, we took ourselves off to the theatre for 'Spamalot' which was brilliant.


Tuesday was a very early start as the Cabarati assembled at Proud City for Caba-Revolution! Remember the Cabariot last year? Well this is essentially Cabariot II in response to the farcical London Festival of Cabaret that I blogged/ranted about several months ago.

Bumfaces; Double-Triple-Take

I love the London Cabaret scene for its sense of camaraderie and the fact that everyone is more than willing to pitch in, even at the risk of looking less than glamorous, to make a point or support a cause. So many people turned up to make the video, including Mister Meredith, Bunny Galore, Mat Ricardo (who took some fabulous photos and blogged about the day as well) Lili La Scala, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Craig The Incredible Hula Boy, Josephine Shaker and so many more! I can't wait to see the finished video!


That evening, I was super excited to be heading to the theatre again (twice in one week! Decadent!) to watch the glorious 'Top Hat' - I'd heard a lot of amazing things about this show and I was not disappointed!

Top Hat - possibly one of the best West End shows I've ever seen!

On Wednesday I was up at cock-o-clock in the morning again to schlep across to the other side of London for a 9am photoshoot - it was worth it though as I was working with the gorgeous Tigz Rice, shooting for Burlesque On Ice!

Fabulous Collaborations

That evening I hand-delivered a very special custom order from my Etsy shop; I love making requests as it is so much more personal and I was honoured to be asked for these beautiful little hair clips.

Custom Etsy order for a very important customer!

Then I was back at Proud Cabaret for a lovely little show for a bonkers little audience and it was great fun to hang out with the gorgeous Bettsie Bon Bon and have a good old catch up.

Mirror Picture! With Bettsie Bon Bon, Ben Elder and Helen Orford!

Thursday was a much needed night off for me as I definitely felt like I was coming down with something; and was unfortunately proved right as I could hardly stop coughing all day on Friday which made that evenings show at Privee of Knightsbridge a bit touch-and-go while I was singing! Fortunately the gorgeous Tami and Samantha were on hand and the show went wonderfully.

Mirror Picture! With Walker at Privee of Knightsbridge!

The final push of the week came on Saturday when I returned to Proud Cabaret for a truly bonkers show as it was compere Joe Morose's birthday.

Mirror Picture! With Joe Morose, Michael Standen, Slinky Sparkles and Betsy Rose!

It was lovely to have friends from Burlesque On Ice in the audience as well, along with the gorgeous Glorian Gray who came to visit for the weekend. Oh, and we couldn't let Joe's birthday pass without mention...

Birthday Surprise!

After such a hectic week it was lovely to sit and relax with Glorian Gray having a gossip and drinking wine - we also took the chance to go skating as well as I haven't been able to get there all week and TICKETS ARE ON SALE!! So all in all, a rather busy but perfectly lovely week!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Around And About

It's been a week of ups and downs - figuratively and literally as I've been up and down the country!

I finally got myself to the fabulous London Wonderground to watch the final show of Tempest Rose's House of Burlesque and it was fabulous! I especially loved Leonie Soprano's 'The Lady Vanishes' act but the whole show was great fun.

London Wonderground

On Thursday I went along to Proud City for another finale performance as Ben Brown and Jonathan Finch headed off to Singapore for six months! They went out with a bang though; their double act was truly stunning!

Ben and Jonathan ** At the bar with the boys

On Friday I took myself off 'oop North for the fabulous Frou Frou Club with Lady Wildflower - it was a great show and it was so lovely to see so many people I rarely get to hang out with!

Mirror Picture! Burlesque Totem-pole with Glorian Gray, Ivy Wilde, Lady Wildflower and Em Brulee

My stage rider for 'Dancer and the Pearl' - appears to call for half a horse???!!!

After spending the night drinking Bucks Fizz and gossiping with Glorian Gray I came back down to London and Proud City for a wonderful Saturday night show with a great line-up. 

It's a rare pleasure when I find, after a show, that I have energy to do more than crawl home to bed, so Saturday night was wonderful for all those reasons as we stayed dancing til the wee small hours!

With Ronnie, Sam, Ruby, Joe and Valerio ** Posing with Valerio

Aaaand Joe, posing with Valerio!

I ended my week in my favourite fashion - with a much needed pyjama day while I worked on a custom Etsy order - ably assisted by a minion!

I gots a minion! ** Custom Etsy order

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Showgirl Whirl

I realise I'm a whole week behind on my blog. I have no excuse other than being unreasonably busy and not having the time!

I've had a whole bunch of shows....

Mirror Picture! Privee with Girlesque ** Outside Proud with Bonnie and Carli

Joe Morose... yep. This happened...

Oh... and this ** ...and this... poor Felixy Splits!

Mirror Picture! Proud Cabaret with Jolie Papillon, Lili La Scala and Missy Fatale!

I was rather proud of my make-up this weekend!

Last weekend I also got to go on a much needed night out; taking in Tempest Rose's birthday party and Chrys Columbine's new show at the glorious Hippodrome Casino. I will admit to partaking a a couple of alcoholic libations and the next morning found some unexpected pictures on my phone... here is a random selection of images...

Joe Morose face photobomb ** Felixy Splits arm photobomb

Dolores Delight and Joe Morose ** Me with Dolores and Joe

With Dolores and Vicky Butterfly **  With Dolores, Chrys and Vicky

Joe Morrow on stage ** Chrys Columbine on stage

I was spoiled this week by getting to go and watch not one, but two amazing shows; on Tuesday I attended the London Cabaret Festival Fundraiser at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. It was a truly spectacular event - you know you're watching a good show when you think 'I have no idea what I'm watching right now but I'm thoroughly enjoying it!'

Lili La Scala and Mat Ricardo hosting

The Boy With Tape On His Face ** Abi Collins and willing assistants!

I've also been spending a lot of time at the ice rink and working on stuff for my Etsy store! So - busy busy busy!

Skating ** Etsy