Sunday, 6 April 2014

Running Off To The Circus

Well this has been a lovely week!

I've had two fabulous shows at Proud Cabaret, with a whole host of wonderful people - the audiences were bonkers and brilliant, and, despite bone-shattering tiredness we all smashed it! It was great to meet Polly Hoops at long last - there are some people I perform with regularly and am lucky enough to hang out with all the time, then others that I have never met or only see once in a blue moon so it's great when I get to meet new, amazingly talented folk!

Mirror Picture! With Polly Hoops and Ruby Deshabille!

Mirror Picture! With Jolie Papillon, Polly Hoops, Ruby Deshabille, Mister Meredith and Ben Elder!

Mirror Picture! With Missy Fatale, Joe Morose, Chrys Columbine and Abi Collins!

The beautiful Lili La Scala popped in on Saturday night to say bonjour!

On Saturday afternoon I popped along with a group of friends to the the National Centre for Circus Arts to cheer on Michael Standen in his third-year graduation showcase and was treated to an incredible show including aerial dancers, hand-balancers, jugglers, clowns and a whole variety of sensational performances. I definitely want to run away with the circus now!

Selfie Posing! With Jo Foley, Michael Standen, Ruby Deshabille, Joe Morose and Trixie Kixx!

Along those lines, I'm still loving aerial hoop, even though I definitely injured myself  this week by falling off the hoop. Well, I cracked my toe on the floor. Pathetic, but at least it's a cool way to hurt my foot rather than just stubbing it on a table leg which is the usual way I manage to break things! And it definitely made this weekends shows more interesting trying to choreograph around a hobble!


And that's that for this week - I have another fabulous week ahead filled with friends, relaxation, shows and shoots, so I'm off to bed in preparation: Night All!

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