Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blog With No Name

Quick Blog, as I'm about to pop out of the house and I couldn't think of a title...

A lovely weekend of shows at Ministry of Burlesque's Twisted Cabaret at the Komedia in Bath - this is one of my favourite shows as the audiences are always very excitable and welcoming, and Bath is so beautiful!

Komedia, Bath.

The show was hosted by the amazing Abi Collins as Katinka, and I got to meet a whole load of people I'd never met outside of Facebook!

Mirror Picture! With Tom Baker, Morgan and West, Kittie Klaw, Sukki Singapora and Abi Collins!

After a leisurely breakfast I headed back to London for Simon Drake's House of Magic; another wonderful show with some truly wonderful people.

Selfies! With Stevie!

Abby and Snakey Sue!

Then on Sunday evening I attended a little shindig for the gorgeous Ruby Deshabille's birthday party! It was so nice to sit out in the evening warmth with a glass of wine and good friends, and see some beautiful faces I've not seen in far too long!


Party People! Loz Stevenson, Chastity Belt, Luke Hatfield, Joe Morose, Taz Zebrowski, Felixy Splits and Kitty Devine ** Luke, Coco, Kitty, Loz, Joe and Ruby

Birthday Girl!!

Alongside performing in some fabulous shows, I've been to my regular trapeze and hoop classes and, well, I can't really say I'm getting good, but I'm getting there at least! 

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