Sunday, 27 April 2014

It's Only Rock And Roll But I Like It

I realise, once again, I've been a bit lackadaisical in writing my blog. Sometimes real life just gets in the way and stops me from having fun!

And I have had *much* fun the last couple of weeks!

One of my favourite shows in recent memory was Ruby Deshabille's new rock-cabaret show, held for the first time at Kaff in Brixton, and wonderfully titled 'Rock The Kaff Bar'!!
Alongside Ruby and Joe Morose, we definitely rocked it! And the audience got involved too with hilarious games including 'Brian May The Best Man Win' and 'Oh, Oh, Sweet Child Of Mime'... Brilliantly bonkers! I can't wait for the next one in May!

Mirror Picture! With Joe Morose and Ruby Deshabille!

Ruby On-Stage ** Rocking the Rock - leather and leopard-print!

Backstage with Ruby, Joe and... erm... Slash!

And I loved being back at House of Magic for a brilliant and packed show with the Magic family! It was especially nice to welcome a new addition to the family in the gorgeous shape of Scarlett O'Hora who joined us for the evening as the Mistress of the Whispering Chair.

Mirror Pictures! With Scarlett O'Hora, Stevie Smallwood and Elliot Mason!

 Lovely moments of the last couple of weeks have included afternoon tea with Joe and Ruby, an evening rehearsal/gossip/catch-up with Ivy Paige and Chrys Columbine before the latter jetted off to be a superstar in Dubai, mastering a move in hoop that I couldn't do last week, skating at Alexandra Palace with Hollie Deller, Zebrowski Photography and Ruby Deshabille, chocolate on Easter Sunday, and of course, some chill-out time on my own!

Afternoon tea with Joe!

A lovely gift from Chrys Columbine - Percy is holding on to it until I wear it out! ** Easter Eggs!

Skating at Alexandra Palace with Hollie, Ruby and Rosie Van Someren - camera grab from Zebrowski Photography

Chill-out time with the cat-bags

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