Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vintage Fair Frivolity

The Jubilee fair at Stockport Market sounded like it was going to be amazing, so even though I slept through my alarm this morning, Kittie Klaw arrived to drag me along!

I have to say I was quite disappointed - maybe the terrible weather had something to do with it, and the fact that we arrived with a little over an hour left to go but there wasn't really anything going on. A jazz singer entertained the few people who were left and there was a cute cafe at the back but there were only three or four stalls and not much to see at all.

However, we met up with Kittie's friend Boo, who is an antiques fiend and always has exiting things to show us - and he bought me a birthday present!! (It's my birthday soon, by the way :P )

Gorgeous vintage mirror - 1920's! The back is hand-painted ceramic: apparently this sort of thing was more expensive than silver in the 20's as the process was very tricky and work of this nature was highly prized. 

After a cup of tea to warm our frozen bones we crossed the road to a lovely little vintage shop hidden away in an attic above the marketplace where I uncovered a few gems myself!

Stunning 1920's purse: the fabric is pleated silk. It has a really unusual clasp, though it is missing one of the paste gems (I got money off for it!) and there is a tiny inner purse and hand mirror inside. The label simply says 'British Made' which I think is appropriate for the Jubilee weekend!

1960's tie-pin and cuff-links: the tie-pin is by Stratton of Mayfair and is an imitation of an Art Deco style. The cuff-links are by Citation and are of a similar style to the tie-pin.

Finally, indulging my hat-fetish with this gorgeous felt pill-box hat. 1980's but in a 40's style, it is made in England by Frederick Fox.

I won't be able to go to the main Vintage Village fair next weekend unfortunately as I have a wedding to go to, nor will I be going to the July fair as I'm going to my first ever festival at Nova where I'll be performing as part of Red Sarah's cabaret and freak-show! However I have marked the date for the August fair in my diary and shall be saving my pennies!

Me in my 'new' vintage hat

Have a look at the haul from the last Vintage Village I attended here, or my first visit to Camden Vintage market here...

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