Monday, 3 June 2013

Photoshoot - Taz Zebrowski (Behind the Scenes)

I've had a couple of shoots with Taz in the past for various things including Red's Ribbons and Proud Cabaret, but since getting his new camera, he wanted to have a proper play and try out a lot of new things.

This is one of my favourite pictures from our first photoshoot last year!

He's invested quite a bit into professional grade equipment, including backdrops, lights, soft-boxes and all sorts of bits and bobs that look good but I haven't a clue what they're called! Our living room currently looks like this though...

With the help of our friend Hayley from Clear Cut Events, Taz was able to try out lots of different things, from outdoor, natural light photography, to a basic studio set up with multiple backdrops. 

Shooting outside with Piglet getting in on the act!

Studio set-up

We weren't shooting anything specific, just playing with light, shadow and ideas: I obviously need a whole host of new pictures now I've gone back to brunette, and we both had some ideas for Film Noir, silhouettes and body-scaping shots we wanted to try. Here are some sneaky peaks of what we achieved...

Silhouette ** Pin-Up

Natural Light

Film Noir

We still have lots of ideas to try out, and hopefully we'll be able to throw a sort of photography party during the summer for Taz to build up a strong portfolio of work, and as an excuse to drink wine while we work!

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