Saturday, 19 October 2013

What Does A Showgirl Do On A Week Off?

What does a showgirl do on a week off?

This week I have had a much needed week off and it's been blissful! I went out with some friends (and suffered from one of *the* worst hangovers I've ever had!), caught up on some admin, worked on new acts and projects and generally chilled out! Lovely!

I'm excited to announce I'll be joining the cast of 'Chrystal Cabaret' next month with the gorgeous Chrys Columbine - and I get to perform in the historic Matcham Rooms at the Hippodrome Casino! I'm working on a kinkier version of one of my acts for the show, so if you fancy coming to check it out, alongside a stellar cast, tickets can be found *here*

I've also been skating almost every day; even though Burlesque On Ice isn't until February, I know it's going to be here sooner than anyone expects and the show will sneak up and take us all by surprise!

Finally: I signed up for a challenge - NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month! The aim is to write 50,000 words, i.e. a short novel, in the month of November. I don't know whether I'll find the time, to be honest, and I only have the barest bones of an outline at the moment, but I have another week or so to work on synopsis and storyline before the writing challenge begins on the 1st November - wish me luck!

Here are some snapshots that pretty much sum up my week - in the absence of a *real* blog...



Costuming, Skating and Cats - welcome to my life off stage!

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