Sunday, 16 November 2014

Theatre Week

I've been gallivanting around all week to various theatre shows and it's been fabulous!

I was excited to go and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the glorious surroundings of The Royal Albert Hall, and had a bonkers fun evening!


At The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Emma!

Ice Skaters at The Natural History Museum on the way home

The next night I had a date night and we went to watch an interesting show called The Card Shark which was like a cross between a magic show, a gambling den and a lecture from a nutty professor!

The Card Shark Show at The Courthouse Hotel

My show this weekend was at the beautiful Proud Cabaret Brighton - it's such a gorgeous venue and the audiences are always lovely so it made up for the hellish journey there and the replacement rail buses on the way home!

Mirror Picture! With Mister Meredith and Coco Deville! ** Selfie with Cherry DeVille!

I've been having a lovely lazy Sunday relaxing and reading for my university course. I have another exciting week ahead so I'm recharging my batteries in preparation!

What? This is how I recharge!

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