Monday, 30 January 2012

First Footing

Welcome to my Blog!

I've tried to write a few of these before, but, having made no New Years Resolutions this year, I have decided to make this my aim for 2012.

January is generally a quiet month for Burlesque Performers; everyone is taking time out after a hectic Christmas and New Year, and my January was no different. I have taken the time to reassess several of my routines and work on a few costumes which were in desperate need of repair, and I am ready for a busy February!

The highlight of my January was the first date in the 2012 tour of 'The Burlesque Show' alongside one of the greatest line-ups I have ever had the privilege of performing with: hosted by the incredible Sarah-Louise Young and featuring Audacity Chutzpah, Dolores Delight, Elle Amour, Elliot Mason, Elan Koszuk, Paul Zenon and the inimitable Kittie Klaw: we sold out the Royal and Derngate Theatre in Northampton and received a thunderous standing ovation!

Royal and Derngate Theatre, Northampton

I also took part in filming a music video for the band 'Rebellious Jukebox' and their wonderful new song Killer On The Dance Floor where I met Zelda St. Wilde for the first time and found a kindred, firebug spirit! Aside from the fact that the ending of the music video made several of my nightmares come true at once, and the near immolation of the building in which we were filming, I had a glorious day and met a crew of wonderful people who I dearly hope to work with again in the future - and I shall post a link to the video when it is up on YouTube.

After-Filming Drinks in Dry Bar
(Bad picture, sorry!!)

**Things I love this month**
*Strawberries and Cream Tea**Fire Sticks**Vanilla Candles**Krispy Kreme Doughnuts**Owls*

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