Monday, 6 February 2012

Cabaret Family Freaks!

Several months ago, a dear friend of mine, the Alternative Magician Dee Riley, asked me to help with a new act he was working on - now one of my life ambitions is to be a magician's glamorous assistant so on Thursday I took myself off to London to fulfil this fantasy.
I had a glorious evening at the legendary Madame Jojo's in Soho; infiltrating the line-up of 'Bete Noire' and playing with some of my favourite ladies and gentlemen:

Madame Jojo's from the stage

Mirror Picture! With Audacity Chutzpah, Laurie Hagan and Missy Fatale

Chinatown - all decorated from Chinese New Year!

Saturday saw a road trip, much hampered by snow, to Reading for 'High Tease' at The Hexagon. I adore High Tease shows: it feels so much like family! Kittie Klaw, Vendetta Vain, James Malach and I piled into the car, made an urgent Starbucks run (honestly, we ought to have shares in Starbucks - no burlesque show road trip is complete without it! Or, in many cases, can even begin without it!)
The line-up for the show was typically amazing, and included Elan Koszuk, The Great Voltini, Joe Black and AJ James among others. I also love performing at The Hexagon: the staff and crew are wonderful, the stage is incredible, and there are so many changing rooms, we could have had one each!
During the show, we kept peeping out to check on the snow, and by the time we left we were hearing reports of several feet falling across most of the country! Fortunately we all made it back to our respective homes in one piece, driving back across the country through blinding snow and fog!

Snowy Stage Door

Mine and Vendetta's changing room

Flixx Demontrant rehearsing on the gorgeous stage

Mirror Picture! 
With Dusty Limits, Dolores Delight, James Malach, Elan Koszuk, Voltini, Joe Black, Electra and Vendetta Vain

Mirror Picture! With Joe Black and Vendetta Vain

The final stop on my busy weekend was my hometown, Chester, for Suzie Sequin's show 'The Looking Glass' at Alexander's Jazz Theatre. I have a soft spot in my heart for this bohemian venue, as it was where I saw my first ever Burlesque show, four years ago! Coming back here is wonderful, and as I have friends among the staff, it is always particularly fabulous!
I especially enjoyed this show because I was booked to sing! I adore singing and would love to do more of it this year (maybe that could be a new years resolution!)
I also managed to fit in time with my family and friends, who I don't get to see as often as I wish I could, so the whole day was especially wonderful!

Alexander's Courtyard

I'm looking forward to a few days of rest, relaxation and costume repair before heading back to London next weekend for another whirlwind of shows!

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