Tuesday, 21 February 2012

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It's that time again - the monthly Glossybox has arrived, full of beautiful products for me to try! This month was a London Fashion Week edition containing make-up and multi-tasking products.

Beautiful Glossybox packaging

List of products

Products inside the box

Como Shambhala: Invigorate Shower Gel
A sample size of a shower gel that contains Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils - the scent is slightly overpowering at first but it definitely woke me up! The gel created a rich lather and left my skin smelling lovely.

Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell: Wild Ginger Treatment Oil
I'm always a little wary of hair serums as I often find they make my hair look greasy rather than shiny so I only used a little of this product on the ends and lengths of my hair. The consistency was not as runny as serums I've used in the past, and it actually felt quite moisturising even on my skin. The scent is beautiful and when I blow-dried my hair it certainly seemed shinier than usual. Maybe I could be a convert?!

Dr. Bronner: Lavender Hand Sanitiser
I'm so happy to find this in my Glossybox: I travel so much, coming into contact with so many germs and it's not always practical to be constantly washing my hands (especially as I have a mild allergy to detergents often found in cheap soaps) This smells beautiful, so much nicer than the usual hand sanitiser products, as it contains Lavender essential oils. This was a full sized product, and as it only costs £3.99 from the website, I can see this being a product I will buy again.

BM Beauty: Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Noir
I'm not a fan of loose eye-shadow powders: I find them fiddly and messy, and if the lid breaks in my make-up bag, then all hell can break loose. However, I like the colour, and as a product that I keep at home, I may get some use out of it. It's heavily pigmented so the colour is vivid, and I would probably mix a little of this with water to use as a liquid eyeliner substitute.

Becca: Beach Tint Watermelon
Again, not usually a fan of lip and cheek stains: when I wear lipstick, I usually favour Rockalily Roulette Red. As a lipstain, I didn't like the application of this - I added a line to my lower lip and used my index finger to blend it, which was fiddly, a little messy and didn't give the sharp result found in lipsticks. However, the colour is actually quite nice, and for a casual, dress down day it would work quite nicely. It claims to be waterproof too, which is nice to know. I haven't used it as a cheek-stain yet, but I think the colour would work nicely with my skin tone so I shall give it a try in the future.

Becca: Beach Tint Watermelon - colour on lips in natural light

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  1. Ohh you got the Becca tint :) I got the impress nails, I liked my box. Fab blog, new follower, hopefully if you like my blog you can follow me.


  2. I've still not seen my box but I hope I get the Becca Tint. I have a feeling I'll be getting the least appealing box! Great post, Just Followed! Please check my blog out too! xoxo


    1. Oh I don't know - it sounds like there are some lovely things in both boxes!
      I've followed your blog as well - thank you :)

  3. Ohhhh, one of the lucky with the becca product. I'm pretty annoyed with the value difference between boxes. I hate my box. :(