Thursday, 16 February 2012


On Saturday I was excited to be performing at Proud Cabaret in London - I've heard many things about this beautiful, subterranean cabaret club and I wasn't disappointed! The venue is stunning!

I was performing alongside one of my best friends from the cabaret world, Elle Amour, and was honoured to meet Beau Rocks and the incredible Jonathan Finch (his act nearly made me cry, it was so amazing!) The show was hosted by Coco DuBois, who quickly became my partner-in-crime for the evening, as the infamous head barman plied the three of us with cocktails, wine and shots (there was fire involved in there somewhere too, but the evening becomes a little bit of a blur after the show!)

I had a fabulous time at Proud Cabaret - the show was fantastic, the audience was wonderful, and the after-show was one of the best I've had in years! I also have to say a huge thank you to the stage manager Tadeusz 'Taz' Zebrowski for driving half way across London at 4:30 in the morning to rescue my phone after it ended up in Coco's bag! He has been nominated for the 'Unsung Hero' award at the London Cabaret Awards and it is very much deserved!

Mirror picture with Coco, Taz and Elle

Cocktails with Elle

The next afternoon, nursing a sore head and with a questionable ability to make words work, I took myself to the beautiful Volupte Lounge for a Valentines themed Afternoon Tease - I was performing with Mysti Vine, Trixee Sparkle (who's costume was absolutely stunning) and Liberty Pink, but because we all arrived and left at different times, I wasn't able to get a mirror picture! However I did snap a quick picture of Mysti's awesome balloons (*not* a euphemism!)

Valentines Balloons 

There was little rest for me over the next few days as I road-tripped with Kittie Klaw and the gorgeous Coco Malone to the Grand Theatre in Swansea for the next stop on The Burlesque Show tour. I've never been to Swansea but they certainly seem to know how to have a good time if the nightclubs are anything to go by:


The Grand Theatre, Swansea

The cast was typically fabulous, featuring Elan, Jim Devereaux, Elliot Mason, Fancy Chance, Kittie Klaw, Elle Amour and Coco Malone, and was hosted by my cabaret-twin Lili La Scala

Cabaret twin: Lili La Scala

Once again, the show was fantastic and the audience were entranced - even a trio of spooky power cuts (yes, midway through acts!) didn't affect the evening!

Mirror Picture: Fancy Chance, Lili La Scala, Elle Amour, Elan Koszuk, Kittie Klaw, Coco Malone, Jim Devereaux, and our local performer for the evening!

I haven't seen Coco for months, so it was wonderful to spend some time with her - even if we did sleep most of the journey there and back!

Coco Malone and I, backstage

As part of my few days rest, Mama Merode came to Manchester this afternoon to take me shopping! I don't see her as often as I'd like so it was a real treat, and she took me for lunch and bought me a gorgeous perfume, so I felt thoroughly spoilt! And on the way back to the train station, we saw a couple walking through town with raccoons on their shoulders! How cute!

Me and Mama Merode having lunch in Manchester

Yes I know this isn't a raccoon - the other one was, but I can't remember what this was called!

Home at last with my gorgeous cats: Mouse (back) and Piglet (front)