Friday, 10 February 2012

Beauty Blog

I don't really intend to turn this into a Beauty Blog, but I recently signed up for Glossybox, after hearing so many of my friends raving about it, and my first box finally arrived today so I thought I would share the joy!

Beautifully packaged (with an Audrey to cover my address label!)

Oh it's so exciting!!

Gorgeous products!! So amazing!

List of products and information

Murad: Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy Finish
Although the colour straight from the pump seemed very dark, considering I have the colouring of a vampire, the liquid smoothed on very easily and blended beautifully. My skin looks smoother and brighter (which is amazing as I didn't get to bed until after 4 this morning!) I wore this underneath my regular make up, but it would work alone in the summer I think, with just a touch of concealer and blush.

Davines: Cleansing Nectar
If you like the smells from Lush, and I do, then this is perfect - a slightly oily consistency that still lathered beautifully and left my skin squeaky clean. It also states you can use it as a hair cleanser but as I have strongly coloured hair, I am reluctant to do this in case it strips the colour.

Davines: Moisturising Balm
Isn't the packaging of this just darling?! This wonder product also smells like a beauty store - strong but not unpleasant - and states that it can be used pretty much anywhere: as a moisture balm, makeup remover, hand cream, dry hair repair cream... etc. It does say to wash off or otherwise remove the product after a few minutes but I used this as a hand cream and it absorbed beautifully so I didn't feel as though I needed to. I will definitely try some of the other suggested uses in the future.

Fab: Gentle Body Wash
This says that it's a gentle body wash, however it also states that it is suitable for sensitive skin, can help tone down redness and is a moisturising cleanser. Now, I have very sensitive, dry skin and have quite high colour in my cheeks (probably due to the fact that I am porcelain-pale!) so I decided to try this as a face wash. It left my skin feeling clean and definitely not as 'tight' as using my usual soap, although I obviously had to use my usual moisturiser afterwards, regardless.  I can't say whether it helped with the colour; I think it is too soon to tell, but with repeated use it will definitely go some way to combating my winter-dry skin!

Eyeko: Skinny Eyeliner
I love Eyeko products so I was delighted to find this in my box! It is a gorgeous green shade, and is highly pigmented so the colour really pops. The eyeko eyeliners have an extra-long handle so that even when the pencil has been sharpened to the very end, there is still something to hold on to! The pencil gave a very sharp, precise application when creating 60's style 'flicks' and lasted around six or seven hours in total. 

I'm extremely impressed with my first Glossybox - it's a perfect way to try out new products, and sample things that I would never have tried otherwise. I love that there are detailed suggestions for each item, and if more inspiration was needed, there are dozens of blogs available for instruction and advice. The packaging is divine and the whole experience felt like a real luxury: I've already recommended several of my friends to the website, and I can't wait for the next one!

Oh, and I got bored - dyed my hair:
What do you think? It's actually much brighter in real light!

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    1. The red lipstick? It's Roulette Red from Rockalily - the red (luminous orange) hair was the result of using a pre-lightener and a bright blonde shade on dyed black hair!