Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Fun

Edinburgh Castle in the sunshine

Day One:
I travelled up to Edinburgh with Glorian Gray and Havana Hurricane and after dumping all of our stuff in the flat we were sharing, we headed into the city centre to have a look around and get our bearings.

The Royal Mile

My first show of my Fringe run was Lili La Scala's 'Another F*cking Variety Show' in the Ace Dome at the Pleasance Dome, and it was an incredible line-up to kick off my week, including Beatrix Von Bourbon, Boy With Tape On His Face, Abi Collins, Dusty Limits and more!

Mirror Picture! With Lisa Lottie, Lili La Scala and Mat Ricardo

With Beatrix, and a tiny Amelie Soleil!

Day Two
The weather was on our side today and we made the most of it, wandering through the city in the sunshine and visiting vintage stores

Vintage Store ** You know you're in Scotland when...

In the evening I went with Glorian and Havana to their show: 'Gutter Lane' at Jekyll and Hyde

Glorian and Havana ready to perform

Then across town for my first show: Kabarett, at Voodoo Rooms

With Bettina Spankenhaus and the Phantom!

After Kabarett, Havana and I raced across town to the Sapphire Rooms to watch Joe Black's show 'Sex, Drugs and Vaudeville' which was amazing, then dashed back to Voodoo Rooms for 'Magic Faraway' which was my second show of the night.

And finally, Midnight Kabarett - also at the Voodoo Rooms, which meant that even though I had three shows in an evening, they were all in the same place, making life a LOT easier!

After Midnight Kabarett: With Impressive Johnson and Cherryfox

Day Three:
I managed to get hold of a couple of Fringe Guides so we planned shows that we wanted to see - we began by going to Counting House to watch Pete Saunders show 'Burlesque and Blues' which was fantastic, then Dave the Bear's show 'Hairy Pretty Things' at Fingers Piano Bar which was also brilliant! 

Edinburgh Sunshine

My first show of the evening was 'Kabarett' at Voodoo Rooms, followed by 'Another F*cking Variety Show' at Pleasance. Both shows were packed and great fun!

How to remove glitter! With Lady Rizo and her entourage!

Day Four:
During the afternoon we visited Joe Black's apartment for tea in the sunshine, then in the evening I prepared for another two shows: this time the infamous 'Bongo Club Cabaret' where I finally got to meet the gorgeous Wild Card Kitty, and, after a race across town, 'Another F*cking Variety Show'

With Patrick Monahan at 'AFVS'

Day Five:
My last day in Edinburgh and I did it in style! Beginning with another 'Kabarett' at Voodoo Rooms:

Mirror Picture! With Cat Aclysmic and Magenta Lust

After which I went across town to Assembly at George Square to watch Lady Rizo's amazing show, which is probably one of the best shows I've seen at the Fringe this year.

My final show was 'Another F*cking Variety Show': ending with a bang! And we all went for pizza afterwards!

Pizza! With Daniel Oldaker, Lisa Lottie, Matt Ricardo, Lili La Scala and Boy With Tape on His Face

Oh, and by 'all', I definitely mean ALL...

With Beatrix von Bourbon Cherryfox Cherry Loco, Amelie Soleil, Josephine Shaker, Sean Mooney, Lili La Scala, Mr Mistress, Tricity Vogue, Dee Itsy, Ria Lina and Paul Dabek
(And there was another table full around the corner as well!)

Amelie and Cherry Loco ** Tricity Vogue with Mr. Sniffles

I had a 5am coach to catch, but fortunately I was with cabaret folk who do not know the meaning of an early night, and they kept me awake long enough to make the hellish journey back home!

Club hopping, Cabaret Style!

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