Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Costumes, Corsets and... erm... Ghost Babies...

Hello from London!

Yes, I've officially moved the the bright lights of the big city, and I jumped straight in at the deep end with my first job on the day of the move!

I was filming a promo video for the Old Vic Theatre, advertising their forthcoming production of Hedda Gabler and I was acting as a body double for the lead character.

The filming location was a glorious old house in the centre of London: I later found out it was both haunted, and had been used as the location for the film The King's Speech!

This was 'The Kings Speech' room

The costume was lovely, but very heavy and hot: I wore a shift petticoat, a very severe corset, a long petticoat, two bustle pads, a blue dress skirt and a long-sleeved button front jacket with a bustle and drape effect at the back - gorgeous but restrictive and a little claustrophobic, especially once the wig was on as well!

I shot several scenes for the film, from banging on doors to setting fire to an old manuscript! However after running down a flight of stairs twenty times (in a corset and heels!) I realised why they had requested a body double!

Mirror Picture: In costume

As I mentioned earlier, the house was definitely haunted: as I was shooting one scene (running down a corridor) I ran into the main entrance hall of the house, and from the floors above came the sound of a baby crying! How spooky!

The spooky sound of the crying baby came from up here somewhere!

It was a long and tiring day, but I can't wait to see the final result - I shall post it as soon as I can!

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