Sunday, 2 September 2012

London, Baby!

Well it is the end of my first week in London, and it's been hectic but fabulous.

After filming on Monday, Taz helped me move my stuff from Manchester, stopping off for a coffee with Kittie Klaw en route.

Thursday was my first show of the week at the gorgeous Proud Cabaret and it was a wonderful line-up!

Mirror Picture! With Coco DuBois, Missy Fatale, Velma Celli, Abi Collins and Hayley :)

Velma was such a fabulous host, and it was lovely to see Coco debut her new Burlesque act - Abi was brilliant as always and Missy's Cabaret Verbotten act had me on the edge of my seat! It was also nice to sit and catch up with everyone after the show, over wine of course!

My Friday show was cancelled, unfortunately, but it did mean that I got to attend a friends leaving drinks and actually *watch* a show for once!

On Saturday, I was a bundle of nerves - although I trained in Musical Theatre, and worked as a singer for several years, I rarely get booked for singing these days as I'm not known on the cabaret circuit as a singer. However, I had been booked by Proud Cabaret for their pre-show entertainment (usually a pianist, sometimes a singer or a guitarist) to perform an hour long jazz set! 

Ready to sing!

I had spent several days with Taz working on a suitable set list, and with one or two last minute changes I had around fifty minutes of material: some jazz standards (Face The Music and Dance, Cheek to Cheek), a couple of modern jazz songs (Lipstick on His Collar, Dream a Little Dream), some of my personal favourites to sing (Some Like it Hot, Lady is a Tramp), and a few unexpected songs (Daddy *the new Emili Sande song*, The A Team *Ed Sheeran*) - I also bought myself a new dress. There's nothing like a new dress for making me feel better!

The set went okay - some songs went well, others went a little bit wrong but I had some lovely comments from the audience after the show, and apparently several people had been asking the staff whether I had a CD!

After singing I had to dash across town to the beautiful Rouge Bar where I was performing two acts alongside Charlie Buckitt and Apple Tart from The Late Night Shop. The small audience was wonderfully enthusiastic and my acts went well - it was also fun to watch Charlie host: she looked like some gorgeous Tim Burton character come to life!

Mirror Picture! With Apple Tart, Lauren, and Charlie Buckitt

Today is a much needed day off - I intend to visit a friend and eat cupcakes and prepare myself for another busy week!

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