Sunday, 9 September 2012

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

This week has been quite a quiet one, really - I have spent a lot of time on my admin and applications, as now I've moved to London, I've made it my mission to try and get an acting agent again (I was part of an agency when I graduated from college, however they disbanded a few years ago and it's difficult to get a new one!)

I began planning my new act this week - I'm very excited for it as the music is so upbeat and fun, and it will hopefully be quite a spectacular routine. I also updated my website and, after receiving some lovely feedback when I sang last week, recorded a couple of songs to go on there Alongside this, I've set up a SoundCloud account which has had quite a lot of visits already.

Singing at Proud Cabaret last week - Photo by Jen Dale

I have a couple of interviews and auditions lined up for this week, so my 'hard work' has paid off - I'm always much more productive in my pyjamas!

However I did make sure to have some fun and spent time catching up with friends, some of whom I've not seen for years, including Tempest Rose, Lili La Scala, Dolly Rose, and friends from home or college who were in town for auditions, which was lovely.

On Saturday I was performing at the gorgeous Volupte Lounge as part of Tempest Rose's 'House of Burlesque' show - it was wonderful to be back at this beautiful venue, and I was performing alongside Leonie Soprano, Christian Lee and Chrys Columbine, so it was a fabulous line-up too!

Mirror Picture! With Chrys, Leonie and Tempest

After the show we were joined by Delores Deluxe for wine, cocktails and a good old gossip! It's so lovely to be able to relax and have a drink after a show, not have to worry about trains, and still know that I get to sleep in my own bed afterwards!

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