Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Back is in a Video

Apologies for the confusing title... I probably shouldn't blog at 6am on no sleep. However, having had no sleep I decided to be productive and post this video.

A couple of weeks ago when I first moved to London, I filmed an online promo video for The Old Vic Theatre to advertise their new production of 'Hedda Gabler' starring Sheridan Smith. I was being her body double in the film, and you can read my blog from the day here. So in this video, whenever you don't see Sheridan Smith's face, then it's me. Meaning that my back/hands/neck/bottom etc. are online pretending to be those of a minor celebrity - Yay me!

I didn't know why she needed a body double at first as the breakdown of scenes seemed quite simple. However, that short clip of me running down a long flight of stairs... we filmed that about twenty times. And I was in heels, a very heavy costume, a wig and a ridiculously tight corset. If I was a celebrity who could get away with using a body double for things like that, I would.

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