Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ups and Downs

This is only going to be a short blog as I'm not feeling very well this weekend and I'm finding it difficult to co-ordinate my brain with my fingers!

My gorgeous little cat, Piglet, was also feeling a bit poorly this week as well - we took her to the vet to be spayed as, although I love the kittens, I *really* don't want her to have any more!

Momma Cat: *NOT* amused,

The kittens are gorgeous but I definitely don't want any more!

In Burlesque-related news, I have begun work on my new act. It is going to be in keeping with my style of upbeat, classic showgirl routines, with a bit of a twist. I ordered several thousand sparklies, and they arrived the very next day!


On Friday I was performing at Rouge Bar, which was lovely - it's a gorgeous little place and the team there are wonderful. Plus, on the journey there, I got a first class carriage on the train all to myself!

First Class, baby. That's just how I roll...

On Saturday I was at Proud Cabaret alongside a typically wonderful line-up:

Mirror Picture! With Hayley Coppinger, Dan Serra, Scarlet Cuffs, Moorita and Ben Brown.

Mirror Picture!! From Moorita on Facebook, along with Kai Hoffman

Backstage shenanigans with Teddy Boylesque

And that's pretty much that for this week...

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  1. I love how grumpy-cute cats look when they're stuck in lampshade collars to protect them after an op.