Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Snakes, Shows and Singing in the Rain

Well last weekend was pretty fun :)

On Friday, I popped along to Proud Cabaret as it was a friend's last night there, and because the gorgeous Missy Fatale had brought an addition to her fire act that I was longing to see...

Missy Fatale with Freidrich!

Taz and Velma getting in on the act too!

The following afternoon, Coco DuBois, Dolly Rose and I travelled cross-country with Taz for 'The Burlesque Show' at the Rose Theatre in Tewksbury.

The Rose Theatre, Tewksbury

The show was fabulous, as always, and it was especially lovely to see at least some of my cabaret family again - it's been so long since the last show!

Mirror Picture! With Coco Dubois, Dolly Rose and Kittie Klaw

Laurie Hagen was hosting - I adore her: she has so much bizarre energy and such an infectious laugh! It was lovely to be joined by Coco Dubois as well - her voice filled the theatre and I'm sure everyone fell in love with her. 

Cabaret Feet ** Road-trip home with Laurie Hagen!

We also found out that Dressing Room 2 was where Eric Morecambe died!!

Kittie outside the 'haunted' changing room!

The following few days were lovely and relaxing: including a walk around London in the last of the Summer sunshine, a fabulous meal at a rather futuristic restaurant, and a theatre trip to watch 'Singing in the Rain', where Taz and I were asked twice if we were members of the cast! One girl even asked for our picture she was so convinced!!

London Sunshine

The food is projected onto your plate before it arrives!

Showtime at 'Singing in the Rain'!

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