Sunday, 16 December 2012

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Christmas Glossybox!

After being very impressed with last months items I had high hopes for this box and I wasn't disappointed.

Beautifully packaged Glossybox

Seche Nail Laquer: Simplicity
Coming in 33 different shades, I was slightly disappointed to receive this very light peach, almost nude colour as I usually opt for reds or dark shades. The description claims that one coat 'leaves a strong pigmented and long-lasting colour...and satin smooth application dries quickly.' I'm very sceptical of claims like this so put it to the test: 
One coat - maybe the other shades will cover completely, with this colour one coat was definitely not enough. However I was pleased and surprised at how quickly it did dry. 
Second coat - I noticed a lot of dragging with this coat. The colour built up nicely however I had to be a lot more careful with the application and fill in a few sections with the brush after applying a full coat.
Final Coat - Again it was quite difficult to apply neatly, there was a *lot* of dragging and it took quite some time to get even. However once it was completed I was actually pleased with the colour: it's a very neutral 'grown-up' shade, despite being completely different to my usual colour choices, and makes my hands look longer!

Sleek Make-Up: True Colour Lipstick in Candy Cane
When I saw the colour name of this lipstick I was excited as I've been looking for a nice, pale pink lipstick. However, this definitely isn't it! It's a very, very bright pink, apparently designed to warm-up dull skintones during winter. Again, this is a shade I would never choose for myself, however for the purposes of research I did try it on - I really liked the application, it went on smoothly and left good colour coverage after one coat, and my lips felt moisturised due to the Vitamin-E formula. And in all honesty, I possibly would wear it again for a different look! 

Mary Greenwell: Lemon by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum
The one product in the box this month that I really didn't like. Apparently Mary Greenwell is 'a true British icon of style and beauty' - the one thing I can say I liked about this fragrance is that it reminds me of my Grandma's perfume (although whether that is a good thing in a 'new, modern scent' is debatable!) I shan't wear this in future.

Milk_Shake: Conditioning Whipped Cream
I haven't tried this product yet but I'm definitely looking forward to trying it! It smells divine and I'm hoping it will work wonders on my bleached-to-within-an-inch-of-it's-life hair! It is a 'leave-in conditioning foam with milk, wheat germ and casein proteins' and claims to be 'Ultra-niche and high-end' so I'm expecting great things from this product!

Sebamed: Anti-Dry Day Defence Cream
I love receiving little products like this in Glossybox - as I travel around so much I adore sample sizes of moisturisers and make-up products and this one is perfect. An intensive moisturiser designed for sensitive skin, a little went a really long way and left my skin feeling deeply moisturised.

Bonus - Glossybox Blusher: Glossy Pink
A really nice shade of blusher - because I'm so pale I'm very particular about blushers and rarely wear them. This looks quite heavily pigmented in the pot but had a really nice texture and looked quite flattering when I sampled it

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