Thursday, 20 December 2012

New Act Inspiration

Several months ago I blogged about the inspiration behind my current Burlesque acts - I no longer perform a couple of those routines; sometimes I get bored with them, some don't get booked regularly and others I just fall out of love with.
However this leaves me with the opportunity to work on new acts, which is always an exciting yet terrifying venture!

In early 2013 I shall be working on three new acts, all drawing inspiration from different sources. So as an early Christmas present to you all, I thought I would tease you with a little of the work I have been doing so far...

Cirque Noir
Many years ago, when I first began performing Burlesque, I created an act called 'Cirque Noir' - this was one of my favourite acts to perform, and I used a couple of the concepts of the routine in later acts (which are now also discontinued!)

Cirque Noir - as it was!

I've been longing to bring back the act in a new incarnation, and after several months of research, I think I've found a way! Work will begin in early 2013 and will even feature bespoke music, created specifically for this routine - very exciting! Taking influences from Victorian Circus and the original Showgirls, the act has been inspired by history of Bump and Grind and the traditions of the Worlds Fair, specifically 1844 in Paris - the first recognised 'Worlds Fair', 1851 in London - the most well known and the influence for the Victorian element of the costume, and 1893 in Chicago - the appearance of the dancer Little Egypt...  

Belle Parisienne
There are certain things I turn to time and time again for inspiration; Art Nouveau, Paris, Broadway Musicals and Showgirls of bygone eras...
So, a tribute to Cleo de Merode (who I draw my name from) shall be presented in 2013! Obviously drawing inspiration from Cleo herself, but also from other showgirls of the Belle Epoque, such as Loie Fuller, Ruth St. Denis and Mata Hari, and the art-work of Mucha, I am choreographing this fan/isis wing dance to an orchestral string version of 'I Love Paris' by Cole Porter and costuming it in lilac, pale green and blue.

I'm incredibly excited by this act - I'm not going to give too much away but suffice to say that is is exactly the same yet completely different to everything I've done before...
A showgirl striptease, costumed in pale pink and covered in sparkling crystals, performed to the iconic burlesque track 'Bumps and Grinds' by Sonny Lester. A simple, classic act... with a completely unexpected and unique twist that I shan't reveal until the acts premier...

So... keep an eye open in 2013 for one of my new acts coming to a show near you...!

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