Thursday, 28 February 2013

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I have annoying, combination skin, so find skincare products difficult to shop for; I usually opt for products designed for sensitive skin, followed by a water-based moisturiser with aloe or camomile.

However, I'm also addicted to GlossyBox, so when an offer popped up in my inbox for a Flash Box containing luxury Darphin skincare goodies, I had to have it!


List of Products

Gorgeously packaged products in a lovely little make-up bag - a girl can never have too many make-up bags!

I try and stick to a 'cleanse, tone, moisturise' regime each day, and I usually manage it about four days a week! I used these products this morning in place of my usual brand (Simple, in case you were wondering!) I liked that these products contained chamomile, as it is a key product to look out for in sensitive skin products.

Darphin: Intral - Cleansing Milk with Chamomile
I was a little surprised at the strength of the fragrance of this cleanser - it wasn't unpleasant however sensitive skin products are usually unfragranced or very lightly at least. The cream worked well and felt luxurious on my skin while removing grime (nice...)

Darphin: Intral - Toner with Chamomile
Following the richness of the cleanser, the toner felt lovely and light and removed the last traces of cream.

Darphin: Intral - Redness Relief Soothing Serum
I was quite disappointed with this product - the texture was extremely runny and I had difficulty even applying it as the consistency was more like water than serum! I also had to use quite a bit more than the recommended amount as the three pumps suggested barely covered my forehead! However once I had managed to cover my whole face, I did feel the benefit of using a serum and once I've found one I like I may incorporate it into my regular routine.

Darphin: Intral - Soothing Cream
This felt lovely and rich, and several hours later my skin still feels smooth and moisturised.

I know Darphin are a bit of a cult, or luxury brand, but I can't honestly say I noticed any difference between these products and my usual combination of Simple and Nivea! However the product size is handy for popping into my suitcase on my travels and you can never have too many beauty bits!

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