Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Life Is Too Short To Eat Pizza With A Knife And Fork

Blog Title, courtesy of the gorgeous Bettsie Bon Bon!

While looking back through previous blogs, I realised that this time last year I performed at Proud and Volupte - and that's just where I was this weekend too! History repeating!

On Friday I was at Proud Cabaret for their Murder Mystery themed night, hosted by Joe Morrow and Vicious Delicious alongside a stellar cast of Mat Ricardo, Abi Collins, Kitty Devine and Beau Rocks.

Mirror Picture! With Vicious Delicious, Joe, Taz, Mat, Beau, Abi and Kitty

Despite the audience being quite quiet to begin with, they soon got into the swing of the night and were dancing til 3!

Abi Collins...

On Saturday I had a long but wonderful day performing at Volupte Lounge. It is such a beautiful venue and the audiences are always lovely. For their 'Voluptease' afternoon show I was performing alongside Jaz Delorian - a fabulous, Tom Waits-esque pianist and singer, Peter Antoniou - who describes himself as a psychic comedian, and was absolutely fabulous, the wonderful singer Beverley Stone, and Bettsie Bon Bon, who, bizarrely, I had never seen perform solo before, and is completely and utterly captivating, to the point that I couldn't really speak after watching her acts!

Peter Antoniou on stage at Volupte

As I was staying at Volupte for the evening show, Bettsie, Beverley and I took ourselves to a nearby pub for a lovely relax and a pub lunch! I was tempted by the pies but thought better of it seeing as my costumes are quite fitted!

Mirror Picture! With Beverley and \Bettsie

Back for the evening show, I was performing with the gorgeous Scarlet Cuffs and Miss Kingsley - a lovely jazz singer. I was excited to watch a comedy duo perform; Men In Coats, and they were brilliantly funny using physical comedy and quick music changes in a fabulously bonkers act. The show was hosted by Leanne Stott, who is a complete force of nature and had me in stitches all evening!

Mini Me!

Mirror Picture! With Scarlet Cuffs, Miss Kingsley and Leanne Stott

After a well deserved pyjama day on Sunday, I was extremely excited to attend the premier of Lady Rizo's show at the Soho Theatre on Monday night. I met Lady Rizo when I was at the Edinburgh Fringe and she completely blew me away so I was desperate to see her London show. It was completely sold-out and only a couple of late returns meant our entire group could get in! I'm not going to say too much about the show as you need to go and see it, but we had a truly fabulous evening, and I think she even performed two encores as the audience wouldn't let her leave the stage!

Lady Rizo at The Soho Theatre

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