Sunday, 25 August 2013

Big Week - Little Blog

Another rather busy week here in Cabaret Land!

I've had another full week of shows, skating rehearsals, photoshoots and 'real-life' work so I'm enjoying having a lazy Sunday off while working on a gorgeous bespoke headband for a customer of my Etsy store.

Roses and Rhinestones

This week I had two shows at the gorgeous Privee of Knightsbridge and a double Saturday show at beautiful Volupte Lounge. I had a shoot with Zebrowski Photography and hopefully got some good shots in there, and also took a trip to Cellar Door to watch Felixy Splits and Jaz Delorian perform a fabulous show!

Busy Busy!

Zebrowski Photography Studio ** Jaz and Felixy at Cellar Door

Mirror Picture! With Vixen DeVille, Tempest Rose, Jolie Papillon and Dolly Rose in the background!

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