Sunday, 4 August 2013

Get Your Skates On!

Well I've been not so cryptic over the last couple of blogs about a new project I'm involved in - and now I can officially announce that I have joined the cast of a fabulous new show...

Oooh yes! So I'm learning to ice skate and this will be my second home for the next couple of months!

At the moment I'm not particularly good, obviously - but I have until November to learn some good stuff and the show is running from the beginning of February so practise will make, if not perfect, at least proficient!

The cast so far is amazing and it's so exciting to be part of such a unique project. I've been to the rink four times this week and hopefully I can keep up a similar momentum!

Showgirls on Skates! With Jasz Vegas and Felixy Splits!

In other news, I was back at the beautiful Proud Cabaret this weekend with a fabulous line-up



It was a bit of a bonkers night (or 'sausage fest' in the words of Mr. Morose!) as there were a *lot* of stag parties in, which is unusual for a burlesque night, but the whole crowd were lovely and every single act got an amazing response!

Mirror Picture! With Chrys Columbine, Jolie Papillon and Joe Morose!

It's been a busy week with various things and I'm enjoying my Sunday pyjama day! I'm working on a couple of personal projects and will hopefully have them up and running in the next week or so but for now I'm off to do some off-ice training to get my ankles stronger for ice skating this week!

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