Monday, 29 July 2013

Showgirl Showtime

Another busy week in showgirl land! I've been to see a couple of shows, performed in a couple of shows and worked on an exciting new show! Woop!

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties

On Wednesday I went to see Mat Ricardo's final London Varieties show, which was great fun. I especially enjoyed 'Ray Guns Look Real Enough' and Heather Holliday, and of course, Mat getting a custard pie in the kisser! Heehee...

Thursday to Saturday I was performing at the beautiful, intimate Privee Lounge in Knightsbridge, singing and dancing, which was fab - here's a couple of snapshots of the various shows...

Solo Mirror Picture!

Watching guest acts wow the crowd

Tami and Sweet Pea!

I was also working on a new project - I can formally announce it in the next few weeks but here's a sneak peek of what I'm up to...

And that's it for now!

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