Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hair Today

This isn't so much a blog as an observation that's too long and convoluted to put into a Facebook status!

So, those of you who either know me in real life or follow this blog will know that I have had a *lot* of hair colours and styles. I blogged about it last year. I also adore wigs and hair pieces and usually wear one when performing...

Short blonde ** Long blonde

Short brunette ** Long brunette

I've noticed that, usually, I get much more attention - both male and female - when I have long hair, whether I wear it down or have it pinned up or in a headscarf: people smile at me more, are more considerate, presume I am younger and are generally friendlier.

Short hair/No make-up: Only on a day off! 
Short hair/Full make-up: Heading for a day out, or going around town
Long hair/No make-up: On my way to a show or shoot
Long hair/Full make-up: On my way to shows/shoots or a night out

For example, a couple of weeks ago I was heading to work then to a show: I had short hair, day make-up and a large, heavy suitcase. The attendant at the train station told me he couldn't help me with my case up and down the many flights of stairs, no one else offered help, even to the point of getting huffy with me if they perceived me and my suitcase to be in their way. Yesterday I was heading to a show, with long hair but no make-up - the attendant at the station helped me with my case, someone on the busy train gave up their seat for me and the man at the coffee booth gave me a free coffee. 

I have many more instances of things like this happening, and I'm positive it has happened to other ladies too.

Why is this? Why the difference in reaction purely down to hair length? I wear the same clothes and make-up regardless of hair length - I don't treat people any differently when I have long hair compared to short, so why do people treat me differently?

Have any of you half-wig/wig/hairpiece wearing ladies noticed this too? What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Long hair always does it for me, plus you have stunning features, so the long hair suits you - but then i never liked short hair above shoulder length as it looks too "Butch"