Monday, 22 July 2013

Warm and Wet...

Haha - I know it's a massively misleading blog title! I'm not going to apologise though :P

It's been a very busy, very hot week - so, working backwards: Saturday was a truly fabulous day as I travelled up to Leeds for The Wet Spot (see, the blog title *did* have a purpose!)

Cracking line-up!

I had a wonderful time: the line-up was fabulous and included some of my favourite performers and favourite people! The audiences at The Wet Spot are always wonderful and welcoming, and I love performing at this amazing show.

It was also lovely to meet up with some old friends from Leeds and have a long, long overdue catch up. Although my favourite part of the evening was the regular Wet Spot attendees arriving with little knitted doppelgängers in honour of Leggy Pee and Charlie!

Watching Joe Black performing from the wings

Thursday and Friday were also equally busy; I have a little part time job at the gorgeous Dancia International store in Covent Garden, and both nights, after leaving work, I was performing at Privee Knightsbridge. This intimate little supper club is absolutely beautiful and I love performing there for the small but perfectly formed audiences.

Lovely Privee

Also this week I have been working on a couple of secret (for now!) projects that will be announced properly in the next week or so! It's very exciting and marks a few new directions and adds a few new strings to my bow.

Sneak peeks of my new projects...

And that's that for now!

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