Monday, 3 March 2014

Rockin' and a-Rollin'

Oo-eck, I forgot a blog last week!! In my defence I had a terrible cold and all the plans I had for the beginning of the week were written off and replaced with a slanket and a cup of tea, then I forgot to take any pictures at various shows, and you know I like to share lots of pictures!

I took myself for a day out around The British Museum: Reading about Drama History and saw The Rosetta Stone!

So - what have I been up to? Well, I made the New Years Resolution to try more new things - I wasn't more specific because I tend to fail on specifics, but one of the new things I really wanted to try was Aerial Classes. I did a short trapeze course several years ago but I severed a tendon in my hand and obviously had to stop that! I have to admit I was a bit concerned about going back to it as a) I wasn't sure how my hand would hold up under pressure (answer: quite well but it hurt the next day!) and b) my upper body strength is non-existent!!

However: I popped along to a taster trapeze class with Antonia and we had a blast! I've signed up to an Aerial Hoop course starting in a couple of weeks time and until then we're planning on going once a week for basic lessons to build up our strength and skills before the course starts! Eek - I'm so excited!

Not me... yet :P

I had a few lovely shows over the last couple of weeks as well - Saturday at Proud Cabaret was my favourite though; the line-up was fabulous, and the third act was especially epic! I opened with Shake It Doll to ACDC, Ruby Deshabille performed her Kashmir Fan Dance, Leah Debrincat was dancing to The Prodigy and Missy Fatale closed Kabarett Verboten, to Aphex Twin before Joe Morose sang Sympathy For The Devil as a finale! It was the most upbeat, ridiculous third set ever and we loved it! Backstage was great fun too with such a lovely group of people and we spent most of the night in fits of giggles (especially difficult in a corset or similarly tight fitting costume!)

Mirror Picture! With Missy Fatale, Alex (chef!) Leah Debrincat, Taz Zebrowski, Joe Morose and Ruby Deshabille!


Selfies Night! With Ruby Deshabille, Missy Fatale, Leah Debrincat, Joe Morose, Naimah and Adama!

Mini Leah!!

I think that's about it for now - I have a lovely week ahead and will try to remember to take lots of pictures this time!

Final Picture - my pointe shoe collection!

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