Sunday, 18 May 2014

Blog... Verified...

Well the weather has been rather marvellous this week, hasn't it?! All I've wanted to do is sit in the sunshine and drink cider and cocktails, when instead I've... sat in the sun and drank cider and cocktails... Well; that worked out well didn't it!


The week began with a trip to Hagen and Hyde in Balham for Chastity Belt's pub quiz; we've been before and always fail miserably, but it's a fun night with friends and wine, and that's what matters most, right?!

With Joe Morose, Taz Zebrowski, Loz Stevenson and Emma Hook!

Then the weekend kicked into gear with two awesome shows; first at Proud Cabaret in the sweltering heat! It all got very cozy, and slightly sweaty, backstage!

Then I dashed across town to my partners-in-crime for Rock The Kaff Bar in Brixton! Much fun, and wine, was had by all!



Mirror Pictures! With Ruby Deshabille and Joe Morose!

After the show, we hied ourselves to Ben Elder's frat/birthday party where we were treated to the sight of naked skinny dipping, a beer bong and more booze (honestly I think my blood is basically beer at this point!)

Frat Party!! Well played...

Then I rounded off the week with a lovely evening with some of my favourite people, drinking cocktails at Balans in Soho, and meeting Hollie Deller's fiancee! It was lovely to catch up with the gorgeous Jasz Vegas (verified) and spend time with a bunch of fabulous folk.

Balans! With Ben Carpenter, Ruby Deshabille, Bellsy, Trixie Kixx, Grant Marron, Hollie, Jasz, Dee Christopher, Edward and Rosie Van Someren

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