Monday, 9 June 2014

Slacking Off!

Oh heavens; I've been terrible at keeping up this blog recently, haven't I?! I have a severe lack of motivation at the moment - probably something to do with the sunny weather and sheer amount of wine I've been consuming...

Aah well - here's lots of pictures to make up for it!

Lovely shows: with the gorgeous Tempest Rose, Dolly Rose and Emma McRoy!



...and I forgot to take photos at Proud Cabaret, so here are some of my favourites from Zebrowski Photography of Leah Debrincat and Ben Brown!

...and finding time to relax with cats and friends - Hollie Deller looking gorgeous!

And that is how I've been filling my time! I promise I'll try and be more *on-it* with my blogs coming up!

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