Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dr. Theatre

There is a strange phenomenon among performers: no matter whether you are ill, injured, missing a limb or half dead, the show must go on. Different performers call it different things: Dr. Theatre, Dr. Footlights, Dr. Stage... etc. It's like a GP surgery and we all see different practitioners but receive the same prescription!

Dr. Theatre was certainly needed this weekend when I was struck down with a hideous combination of flu and labyrinthitis which completely knocked me out for about four or five days in total. Mid-way through this period of feeling like I was actually dying, I had a couple of shows, and I have to say a sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in both of them for looking after me, being patient and understanding when I needed to sleep between my acts and holding my hand backstage to stave off dizzy spells! Much love to you all!

On Friday I performed at 'The Slippery Belle presents LesBurlesque' - this was a mildly controversial show, as The Daily Mail gleefully picked up on the fact that the venue is an old (de-sanctified) church that was being used to stage a Burlesque fundraiser for Manchester's Gay and Lesbian Association! However, no publicity is bad publicity, and the place was packed to the rafters! The scandal also provided host Rosie Lugosi with plenty of material and she whipped the crowd into frenzies throughout the night. I was also excited to watch Marnie Scarlet: an alternative and fetish performer, her costumes were amazing and her stage presence is incredible. I wished I could have chatted to her more backstage, but I spent any time I wasn't performing asleep!

Not a great mirror shot - it was dark but I couldn't use the flash! Anyhoo - with half of the Dyke Kings, Marnie Scarlet, Pixie Truffle, Kitty Liquor, Bella Besame, Lady Wildflower and Glorian Gray

I love this audience shot from the Lesburlesque show - my Dancer and the Pearl Fandance

On Saturday I performed with the gorgeous Lady Wildflower again at her show 'The Frou Frou Club' at The Little Theatre in Hebden Bridge. Once again, I really couldn't do this show justice: the venue is the cutest theatre, the audience was fantastic and the line-up superb, including 'the potty-mouthed fruit bowl' Em Brulee (Em, you can have that one for free. You're welcome :P ) One of the major perks of my job is that I get to meet and watch some amazing acts, and this show was no exception as I finally met the man behind the genius that is Puppetual Motion! I really wanted to watch Nanny Dora as I've heard so much about her acts (and the audience *loved* it!) but unfortunately I spent the time in between my acts curled up in an armchair with a cup of tea (huge hugs to the stage kittens for this!)

I didn't get a mirror picture from this show (too poorly to remember!) but this is the beautiful poster! With Em Brulee, Nanny Dora, Lady Wildflower and Puppetual Motion.

Fortunately for me, I have a few days off now to rest and recover (and dye my hair - this is what happens when I'm bored!) 

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