Sunday, 11 March 2012

Vintage Fair Frivolity

Oh heavens - I definitely spent a lot more than I intended to at the Vintage Village in Stockport this afternoon!

After spending yesterday afternoon teaching a hen-party workshop in Leeds (lovely hens, and a rooster in the group too!) and the evening drinking pink wine and cava with friends, I had a rather sore head this morning! Fortunately, Kittie Klaw rescued me with a trip to Stockport for a late breakfast with Glorian Gray and a wander around the famous Vintage Market.

Stockport's Victorian Market Hall

A few people have urged me to visit this monthly event, and I have to say, it didn't disappoint at all! Held on the second Sunday of every month in the covered Victorian Market Hall in the centre of Stockport. There were so many different stalls: clothes, jewellery, memorabilia etc... And yes, even though I set myself a strict budget, I broke it. Badly...

Two felt hats (I added the feathers to the red one myself to cover damage to the band)
The black one is similar to a cloche style and sits back on the head: the red one perches at a rather jaunty angle - so I obviously also had to buy...

Two vintage hat pins - one pearl and one crystal - I just have to work out how to actually put these in now without spearing my head!

This beautiful silk scarf from Jaeger, Italy was actually gifted to me by a friend of mine and Kirsty's, who runs a stall at the Vintage Market! Thank you Boo!

Vintage silver-plated mirror and brush set - I saw these at the start of the afternoon and Louella convinced me that I needed them: you just don't get the same shine on your hair from modern brushes!

Another item I saw at the start of the afternoon - I actually left the market to visit the bank in order to purchase this! It's such a stunning silk gown (I just wanted the gown rather than the nightdress, but it'd be a shame to break up the set!) with lace trim and hangs beautifully! This was another item that Louella talked me into buying (not that I took too much convincing!)
I can't describe quite how much I love this...

Vintage faux-fur stole - this sits so perfectly on my shoulders and feels beautiful. It'll be such a lovely alternative to a cardigan in the summertime, will sit nicely over a light coat, or add a touch of glamour to an after-show outfit!

Ermine - actual real, vintage ermine! I'm so excited by this: I've never owned a real vintage fur before! This is so soft and such a beautiful creamy colour: it hooks across the shoulders - I'm not sure what I shall wear it with or for, but I had to have it!

Meet Stitches! Another real vintage fur - complete with head and eyes! I thought I'd be freaked out by this, but he looks too cute to be freaky! I think he's a mink, and can either hook across the shoulders or there's a clip underneath the mouth which can attach to the tail (or be used for a rather macabre ventriloquism show!)

Mouse-cat was rather intrigued by Stitches!!

Playing dress-up with my fur stole and red, 1940's style hat...

and with Stitches and my 1920's style hat!


  1. Loving the hats!! TheY're gorgeous. Xx

    1. Thank you! I'm mildly obsessed with hats at the moment - I'm starting to worry myself :P

  2. Oh I love that fair- its one of my fav's! Great finds too