Monday, 2 July 2012

Missy Malone and Friends

Last weekend I was excited to be performing for Missy Malone and Friends - a touring, five star, sell out Burlesque revue show, alongside some of the best performers in the business!

Poster for 'Missy Malone and Friends' with Missy Malone, Diva Hollywood, Des O'Connor, Millie Dollar and Coco Malone

I haven't performed with Millie in years, although she was the head line act at my debut show! It had been over a year since I last performed with Diva, however we had met for coffee once or twice on our rare days off, and the last time I performed with Des was around three years ago when I was a scared newbie and he was hosting one of my first ever shows! I've seen Missy several times this year though, in Manchester and Cheltenham, and obviously I perform regularly with my darling Coco Malone! Our stage kitten for the evening was the gorgeous Willow Blue who, again, I've not seen for years so it was a great evening for catching up with old friends!

Accrington Town Hall - beautiful venue

There was some slight confusion at the beginning of the night as we had been told we were performing in the round (which is hell and almost impossible for a burlesque routine) however, upon seeing that there was a lovely, perfectly serviceable proscenium arch stage with star-cloth backdrop, Missy immediately requested the room be reset for us! Which of course they did!

Coco performing to the sold-out audience

I must admit, I massively messed up: realising half an hour before the show began that I had forgotten my Cottingley Fairy wings! This was a huge problem as the wings are the main point of the costume and I was livid at myself - I still am! Fortunately, Diva Hollywood came to the rescue by allowing me to use her beautiful blue isis wings, and I improvised a bit of a dance with them!

Broadway Belle & Cottingley Fairy
Photographer: Magic Dave

The rest of the show went wonderfully, however, and the standing ovation at the end was testament to the fabulous night.

Curtain Call! Photographer: Magic Dave

We were looked after so well, by Missy and the venue who laid on a sandwiches and cakes buffet for us backstage! And since I was getting a ride back to Manchester with Diva and Millie, I got to sleep in my own bed after a show too! Bliss...

Mirror Picture! With Diva Hollywood, Coco Malone, Des O'Connor and Missy Malone

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