Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Gilded Lili

This weekend I performed in a show I've been looking forward to for a long time - the glorious Lili La Scala had assembled a fabulous cast for her show 'The Gilded Lili' at the Milton Keynes International Festival and we were performing in a gorgeous Victorian Speigeltent!

'Speigeltent' is German for 'Mirrored Tent' and it was as beautiful inside as outside!

The festival, which ran over ten days, was only small, but the weather was so beautiful - a far cry from the last festival I went to!

The show was hosted by Lili La Scala herself, and the sold-out audience were entertained by an elite cast of Cabaret superstars, including Mat Ricardo, Abi Collins, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Ruby Deshabille and Chantilly Lace.

A 'Carry On' moment backstage with Abi Collins

I had never met Chantilly Lace before, and although I didn't get to watch her act, I loved her sparkling balloon pop costume. I did, however, make an effort to watch Boy With Tape On His Face as I'd heard so much about him, and I wasn't disappointed: Hilarious and oddly moving in parts with plenty of surprises and audience participation, he can communicate complex emotions without words. Mat Ricardo and Abi Collins were as fabulous as ever (I will never get tired of the sight of Abi as 'Peggy Sued' performing the splits, half naked, while straddling two strangers shoulders!) and Ruby's 'Rhapsody in Blue' act was mesmerising.

Mirror Picture! With Abi Collins, Lili La Scala, Ruby Deshabille, Boy With Tape On His Face, Mat Ricardo and Chantilly Lace

I am so looking forward to performing with some of these lovely people when I go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in a couple of weeks. Several of them are up there already for the preparations!

We were lucky enough to have a lovely driver to take us back to London after the show, so Abi, Mat and I piled in to the car and proceeded to bemuse the poor man for the next hour and a half as we excitedly discussed, among other things: Cheese and the Olympic Opening Ceremony, hummed 'Little Spanish Flea' in three part harmony, and waxed lyrical about Pizza and how much we all love London!

Cabaret Car Trip! With Abi Collins and Mat Ricardo

Arriving back in London, I headed over to one of my favourite places, Proud Cabaret, and met my beautiful Burlesque friends Elle Amour and Kitty Devine for some post-show pink wine and a good old girly gossip! A perfect way to end a lovely day!

At Proud with Elle Amour and Kitty Devine

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