Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wonderful Wet Spot

I have arrived home from performing at the fabulous "The Wet Spot" in Leeds - this show has been going for years after it was set up by Ryvita Von Cheese, has survived the founder moving to the other side of the country, and always has incredible line-ups.

The audience

The show was run by Morning Star and Daisy Cutter, and hosted by the inimitable Joe Black. The audience were as raucous as ever, which definitely helps with Joe's style of hosting!

Backstage with Joe Black

I was performing alongside the gorgeous Amelie Soleil, Bijou Noir (whose Josephine Baker tribute act is one of my favourites!) and I got to see Sherry Trifle's fantastic new Lady Liberty act too! The only act on the bill I'd never met before was the wonderful Moorita: I didn't get to see much of her acts but they sounded brilliant, and the little I did see was fabulously funny.

Backstage with Bijou Noir and Amelie Soleil

With Sherry Trifle (she had hat-marks from the Statue of Liberty headpiece!)

Unfortunately I missed the last third of the show as I had to dash and catch my last train home: I had really wanted to see Joe and Arran's new double-act but I suppose I shall have to wait until it surfaces on YouTube!

However, after catching a packed train full of drunk girls, angry men and the smell of late night McDonalds and beer, I arrived home in one piece to a cool glass of pink wine - how blissful!

Mirror Picture! With Joe Black, Amelie Soleil, Arran and Moorita

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