Monday, 19 November 2012

Burlesque and Babies!

I've had such a lovely week!

Friday saw the final 'The Burlesque Show' of the year and it was a fabulous way to end the 2012 tour! The audience of Crawley were incredibly enthusiastic, and they had a line-up to be wild about, also including Mat Ricardo, Elliot Mason and Rod Laver

Mirror Picture! With Jim Devereaux as 'This is Elvis'

Wings Pictures! Beau Rocks and Laurie Hagen

Train Wine! With Dolly, Laurie and Dolores

On Saturday I travelled up to Leeds for the legendary 'The Wet Spot' and it was another wonderful line-up!

Backstage: Millie playing Mr. B's banjolele ** Cherry knitting with Missy

Packed Audience ** Carrie-Ann onstage

Missy on stage ** Cherry on stage

So many friends came to watch the show and the sold out audience were amazing! I stayed overnight with the lovely Dahlia of Leeds Burlesque and her gorgeous cat, Danzig

Spot the cat in the case...

Travelling back to London on Sunday, I made a slight detour to Liverpool as one of my best friends had her son last week and I was dying to meet him as I'm his godmother!



All in all it was a fabulous few days!

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