Sunday, 4 November 2012

Disney Princesses - Realistic Portraits

Apologies straight away - this is a super girly, geeky post...

Okay, so - those of you who know me in real life will know that I am slightly obsessed with Disney Princesses (and could be considered a bit of a Princess myself!) so you can imagine my glee when I came across these stunning artworks by Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan of 'realistic' Disney Princesses! 

I want to be one myself!

Snow White
The original Disney Princess - 1937

The second Disney Princess from the twelfth animated feature film - 1950

Princess Aurora
The Sleeping Beauty - 1959

The Little Mermaid - 1989

Beauty and the Beast - 1991

Princess Jasmine
Aladdin - 1992


Although not officially a 'princess' she is part of the official Disney Princess Franchise - 1998

The Princess and the Frog - 2009

Tangled - 2010

The above are the official 'Disney Princesses.' They are royal either by birth or marriage, or awarded 'princess' status due to their deeds (as in the case of Mulan) According to the mythology of the Disney Princesses, their shared characteristics include: beautiful singing voices, inner and outer beauty, and the ability to communicate with animals.

Therefore, the following images are not technically Princesses - though they are still absolutely stunning!

Alice in Wonderland - 1951

Peter Pan - 1953

Ursula the Sea-Witch
The Little Mermaid - 1989
(definitely *not* a princess, I know, but it's still part of the artists series) 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 1996

Hercules - 1997

Tarzan - 1999

And apologies again! I've found quite a lot of Disney Princess interpretations during my sleepless hours and they are all waiting to be put into equally non-grown-up blog posts in the future!

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