Sunday, 3 November 2013

It's Magic, Baby!

Halloween week!! And it was definitely one I'll remember for a long, long time!

On Sunday I was in rehearsals again for Simon Drakes House of Magic (more on that in a bit!) which was great fun although my brain felt a bit fried after a while!

The glorious House of Magic

Sunday evening I braved the storm and took myself across to Bethnal Green Working Men's Club for the 'All Nude Cabaret Calendar' Launch Party. It was a fabulous evening with a stellar line-up including Fancy Chance, Sarah Louise Young, Meth Any, Craig Reid, Ruth Less, Josephine Shaker and Polly Rae; all hosted by Benjamin Louche, with an auction hosted by Jo King - There was also a raffle and I won two tickets to Lucha Britannia!
The night was to raise money for Cancer Research and Macmillan, and despite the weather affecting the turn-out, they raised over £1,500 which is an amazing achievement! Charity calendars are still on sale and can be bought here.

A whole host of cabaret stars stripping off for charity!

On Monday I went skating - although the storm had caused many of the trains to be cancelled so I was really late! However Hollie put some stuff together for me and I ended up with my first bit of sustained choreography!
It's very rough as we threw it together in an hour or so but I was super-proud of myself for remembering all the steps and it's made me feel a little more confident in myself: maybe I'll be able to do the whole show by February!

Despite having *no* energy on Tuesday I forced myself into a morning of housework before popping back to the rink for a couple of hours - it's half term this week though and it's so busy! I couldn't really practise for the amount of people on the ice. 

Later in the afternoon I headed across London for a fitting with the lovely ladies at Vivien of Holloway! I was so excited as I absolutely adore Vivien's clothes - I have a couple of the wiggle dresses and they're gorgeous. I got to spend a couple of hours playing dress-up with a dream wardrobe and was even given outfits I would never usually pick for myself, like a cute pair of high-waisted capri pants and a crop top which actually looked wonderful, though may favourites were a tartan pencil-skirt with a bright pink halter-top, and (obviously) a leopard-print sarong dress!!

Mirror selfie on my way to a fitting - Millhouse took offence at my heels...

Halloween meant dashing around town to various events and I ended up at 'Tricks and Treats' in a cute little venue in Surrey - hosted by Paul L. Martin of Excess All Areas I got to watch some supremely talented artists perform for a small but perfectly formed audience and had a lovely evening! I especially loved Tamar Broadbent's singing sets: she's so funny and has an amazing voice.

Mirror Picture! With V.J. Spankie, Tom Balmont, Paul L. Martin and Tamar Broadbent!

V.J. Spankie about to go on stage! Spooky! ** Tamar Broadbent, the Spooky Reindeer...

Halloween Make-Up - stylishly applied on the train... I'm classy like that...

On Friday I went back to Simon Drake's House of Magic - this time to watch the show with a friend; and it was brilliant! We went on the Haunted Cellar Tour, had our fortunes told by the Whispering Chair and the lovely Elliot Mason was the opening act for the show, which was ace as I've not seen him for months and months!

On the Whispering Chair ** Seen around the House of Magic!

Then, Saturday, I made my own debut in the show!! Eeek! I had been looking forward to it for weeks and have never felt so nervous as I did on Saturday afternoon - seriously I was shaking and couldn't speak at one point. However I got to the venue nice and early and walked through my parts and started to relax in time for my first bit.
I had an absolutely amazing night - everything went well: although I wasn't nervous during the show I had one of those weird moments where you can't remember actually doing it! After the show I honestly couldn't remember whether I'd done my part right as it was such a blur! But I think I did :P

At The House of Magic with Simon and Abi

Today is a much needed Sunday Pyjama Day in with the cats: I have a little bit of work to do but I plan to mostly sit, watch TV, work on my NaNoWriMo Novel and drink tea!

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