Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Countdown and Chrystals

This week has been pretty bonkers and I'm absolutely exhausted so I'm probably going to phone it in and just post lots and lots of pictures!

Twice this week I was up at the god-awful crack of dawn - not even dawn at this time of year! 4:45am! Glorian Gray and I had to be up for super-secret ninja skating rehearsals, which I could finally reveal, an hour before the performance on Wednesday evening, was the Christmas Light switch-on at Westfield Shepherds Bush!! Eeeeek!!!

7am rehearsal call

Catching the train with Glorian at 5:30... not a real thing.


Santa's Baby and a Christmas Tree!

Mia, Glorian and Ruby

Sarah committing to the sequins! ** Jasz after the tiredness began to take its toll!

Photos below by Zebrowski Photography
Backstage shot with the gorgeous Gwendoline Lamour

Fan Dance ladies: Felixy Splits, Hollie Deller, Kitty Devine, Trixie Kixx

Robert Proctor as Santa!

Sarah Christou and Hollie Deller


Fan dance on ice

Finale explosion!

Cast in the VIP bar with *all* the wine!

Hollie and Sarah playing on the ice after the show

Vicky Butterfly looking like a princess!
You can see more of Zebrowski Photography's photos on Facebook

Photos below by Tigz Rice Studios
Gwendoline Lamour

Fan Dance ladies

Robert Proctor ** Glorian Gray

Going in for a kiss from Santa!

Hollie and Sarah - Felixy Splits singing on the stage


Finale pose

Hollie and Sarah with Glorian after the show
You can read Tigz' blog about the night here!

I had a lovely day on Thursday, recovering from the previous night by meeting the beautiful Coco Malone and Chrys Columbine for afternoon tea, before eventually heading to the amazing Hippodrome Casino for Chrys's show the Chrystal Cabaret!

It was such an honour to be part of this incredible show in such a historic and renowned venue, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second.

Oh yes, it's a leopard print pointe shoe... part of my costume for Chrystal Cabaret (though any excuse, right?)

Chrystal Cabaret on the Hippodrome screens

Gorgeous backstage shot with Chrys Columbine

Mirror Pictures! With Joe Morose, Meredith the Bear, Chrys Columbine, Aurelie Bernard, Leah Debrincat and Hayley Coppinger!!

Posing Selfies with my bawdy whore Dolores Delight!

Joe Morose: the newest Calvin Klein model?

More Mirror Pictures!!

On Saturday I was shooting all morning with Broadcasting Agency who were very excited that I took my feather fans!

Backstage shot

Then after a lovely date afternoon, I was back at Proud Cabaret for a fabulous show with some of the best performers around!

Mirror Picture! With Joe Morose, Betsy Rose, Missy Fatale, Taz Zebrowski and Helen Orford!

With Joe Morose and Emma (Captain) Hook!

I enjoyed my hair last night: the roll went all the way round - it was hard to take pictures but I was super-proud :P

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