Sunday, 8 December 2013

Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Goodness me, it's been a busy couple of weeks! This is the first time I've had to actually sit down and write. I'm sat with a lovely glass of wine, surrounded by cats and watching trash TV - bliss!

Last week Burlesque On Ice was taking part in some early morning filming for Magic FM at Westfield. Another week, another 5am start! It's not a real thing and I refuse to believe in it :P

Skates on at 8:30!

Posing on ice

Having an impromptu lesson with Sam ** Sarah's ready to skate!

It was a fun little morning - Zebrowski Photography came along and captured all the (ahem) Magic... sorry...

Super sparkly skates! Want!

And this is the finished video!

Later in the week I joined on of my favourite Burlesque ladies, Chrys Columbine, to attend the opening of a new private members club in Mayfair and had a lovely evening being plied with complimentary champagne and shisha!

Champagne and Shisha with Chrys Columbine!

My two besties from back home in Chester came to visit during the week, and we spent a day being tourists, shopping in Oxford Street, eating loads of food and getting ideas for Christmas presents!

The worlds largest pancake! ** My Christmas present from Victoria's Secret?

Shows are coming thick and fast (oo-er) at this time of year, all over the place in London and across the country. I've also had shows at the glorious House of Magic - it's impossible to take any pictures there though as the night is so packed and full-on from the word go! One day I'll manage to squeeze in a mirror picture or two though!

Backstage at Coquette York with Pandora Amour and Em Brulee (thanks Em for the photos!)


Mirror Pictures! With Taz Zebrowski, Adama, Leah Debrincat, Abi (photobomb) Collins, Betsy Rose and Betsy Rose :P !!

So alongside working in a 'real' job several days a week, skating rehearsals, show rehearsals, auditions, castings and gearing up for the premier of my new (long awaited!) act in two weeks, it's been rather hectic! And, in true December style, there's no let up now until Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas - have you got your tickets for Burlesque On Ice yet? Perfect presents! And here's the fabulous teaser video...

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