Saturday, 14 December 2013

'Tis The Season...

It's definitely the countdown to Christmas and the seasonal corporates have been out in full force this week at the shows I've been performing at - thankfully I've been surrounded with lovely people which has made the week bearable, and we put up our Christmas decorations so the house looks amazing and cozy!

We win at Christmas!

Actually, to be honest, the office parties aren't always awful: when people have never seen burlesque or cabaret before they either love it and are incredibly excitable, or they hate it and can become, at best, bored; at their worst they become hostile and rude. I've had all sorts this week, and coupled with late finishes and early starts, it's been rather hectic.

Mirror Picture! At Proud Cabaret with Vicious Delicious, Chi Chi Revolver, Taz Zebrowski, Leah Debrincat, Missy Fatale and Friedrich the Snake (though I *always* get the spelling of the name wrong!)!

Mirror Picture! At House of Magic with Chris Harding, David Crofts and Abigail Drake!

What's in a showgirls suitcase?

Once again, this week saw an impossibly early start to head to Westfield with Burlesque On Ice - this is definitely becoming a feature of my life at the moment! We were sporting some rather fetching Christmas jumpers and dancing with Arlene Phillips at a record-breaking fundraising event for Save The Children and had a bit of a bonkers morning dancing on ice!

With Arlene Phillips

Loving life!

Whatever Trixie is doing behind me, I'm clearly enjoying it!

"..too saucy for Save the Children!" direct quote!

We were on BBC News (blink and you'll miss Sam and I!)

And in the London Evening Standard!

I even found time to start my Christmas shopping! Naturally I had to pick up a few treats for myself as well...

Kiss Me Deadly beauties...

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