Friday, 27 December 2013

Round Up!

Last year I wrote a round-up of 2012, and since we're at the end of 2013, I've been looking back at this year which has gone far too quickly for my liking!

I've kept up this blog for another whole year, and want to say thank you to everyone who has posed for mirror pictures, selfies and candid shots and let me put them up here! Without random backstage shenanigans this whole thing would be pretty boring!


One of the highlights of the month was the Big Burlesque Tea Party that ended in piano-based carnage at The Coach and Horses in Soho. I saw out 2012 in style with House of Burlesque and greeted 2013 with plenty of lovely shows during what is usually a quiet, boring month!



This month I travelled back to my home-town for a show which gave me the chance to hang out with my besties, Jade and Hayley! I had a handful of lovely shows in London and went out for brunch... a lot...


March was pretty quiet but highlights included performing at a private birthday party with some lovely performer friends, and I achieved one of my New Years Resolutions to go horse-riding!



April was a packed and wonderful month! Highlights included 'The Absolute Bankers' performing at Proud Cabaret, The Burlesque Show tour to Scotland, performing at Kinky and Quirky, one of the best shows in the UK, and a Burlesque night out on a private tour of the Tower Of London!


My favourite show this month was a private party with Ministry of Burlesque in a glorious marquee with a stellar cast

And I went back to brunette!! Bye bye blondie!


*Obviously* the highlight of the month was my birthday, which included a trip to the gorgeous Carters Steam Fair, The Tower Of London and The Royal Albert Hall!


July saw the beginnings of the bonkers adventure that has become Burlesque On Ice! We also had a heat wave, I hosted a show for the first time and performed all over the country!


During August, the heat wave continued, skating lessons began in earnest, I travelled up and down the country again, and I opened an Etsy shop!


During this packed month the Cabaret community came together again for Cabariot 2, I continued to run around like a blue-bottomed fly, and welcomed the beginnings of Autumn with some slightly cooler weather!


A funny month of two insanely busy weeks and two completely dead weeks! However I performed in a gorgeous Speigeltent with Lili La Scala, and *finally* got the hang of ice-skating, after how many months!




An exceptionally busy month which apparently included a holiday to Italy, though I didn't particularly feel as though I had a break as I also modelled for Kiss Me Deadly, performed for the fabulous Chrystal Cabaret at the Hippodrome Casino and joined Burlesque On Ice for the opening of Westfield Ice Rink! I  was also honoured to join the cast of the amazing Simon Drake's House of Magic as a magicians assistant! Phew....


Yes, December's been busy. Yes, there have been lots of shows, shoots, promo activities and various shenanigans. But you know what? The highlight of December is, and always will be, putting the Christmas tree up.

It's been a year of ups and downs, as so many of our years are. But I'm honoured to be doing a job I love, living in a city I love and having amazing friends around me all the time. So thank you to everyone who has made this year, and every year, so wonderful; and here's to a spectacular 2014!

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