Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bring On The Bubbly Wine!

Last shows before Christmas are done!! And the last mental week of the year is finally over - bring on the bubbly wine!

The week began, as usual, at the ice rink rehearsing for Burlesque On Ice - excitingly, this week, Sarah Christou and I choreographed my skating solo and it's going to be sex on skates!

My solo choreography!

Shows this week included several at Proud Cabaret, and House of Magic - all wonderful, if slightly exhausting with the end in sight.


Mirror Pictures! With Jamie Moon, Lili La Scala, Taz Zebrowski and Missy Fatale! ** With Adama, Taz, Glorian Gray, Mister Meredith, Betsy Rose and Michael Standen!

Mirror Picture! With Ruby Deshabille!

Christmas Cracker! Mister Meredith and Ronnie!

Merry Christmas Gif from Simon Drake's House of Magic!

I also took part in some early morning filming for an advert which will be shown in the new year - it was a long, slightly stressful day, but ultimately rather good fun.

Photo courtesy of Esme Aydin

Early morning call time... bleurgh!

Today I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping, buy wine and watch cheesy Christmas movies all evening! Blissful!


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